The view of the Nagarhole and Bandipur national parks can take your breath away; the forest is a spectacle during the ides of winter. As the vegetation gradually changes hue from brown to green, the elephants begin congregating on the banks of the Kabini.

It’s fun to be on a Boat Safari each evening; the sheer numbers of bird, mammal and reptile species sighted during the safari is simply mind-boggling; they’re countless!

Come winter, and plenty of ‘visitors’ from across the globe become guests at Kabini! It’s a pleasure welcoming these guests, who have travelled thousands of miles to reach their destination.

Besides colourful winged migrants, soaking up the sun on Kabini’s banks is the Marsh Crocodile or Fresh Water Crocodile. These crocs bask open-mouthed on sunny days, off and on – a tactic to control their body temperature.

Marsh Crocodile at Kabini

By the Kabini Waters: a Marsh Croc

These crocs are very sensitive to sound, and hence you need to be cautious during their sighting. There are skilled boatmen who can help sight these reptiles sans any disturbance to them.

The elephants are on an eternal quest for fresh grass, and make their way to the ‘submerged island’ (forest areas inundated after the dam came into existence). At Kabini, you can spot these gentle giants feeding on grass, half their bodies submerged in water.

As the crocs are harmless as far as larger animals go, the elephants cross over to the submerged island nonchalantly.

Elephant at Kabini

The Carefree Pachyderm!