In my previous post, I touched upon some of the jewels you might ordinarily miss during your stay in Kabini. Let me continue from where I left off. When you walk towards the Reading Lounge, you will notice a small rain water harvesting pond nearby. This is the favourite haunt of a true narcissist! He is a small guy with a weakness for bright clothes. His preference for blue is quite striking. And in my valued opinion, he has a better grasp of mixing colours than his bigger and more famous rival, the peacock. The person in question is the Common Kingfisher.

Common Kingfisher at Kabini

The Common Kingfisher

When it comes to elegance, they say that less is more, and he seems to have mastered his art. Apart from his clothes, it is his demeanour and grace that make him stand out as a truly elegant gent.

You will find him perched on the bushes overhanging the pond, looking intently at the water like a narcissist. However, don’t let that fool you. While he may look like he is admiring his reflection (I for one would not blame him for doing so), what he is actually doing is looking for his dinner because, alas, in this day and age, even a gentleman has to work! After all, it is the Kaliyug!

If you are fortunate enough to observe him diving for his dinner, you will realise that even when delivering a fatal blow, he is grace personified, a true gentleman indeed.

Common Kingfisher, Kabini

The King of Good Times, Huh?