I happened to witness this amazing behaviour on one of my recent boat safaris. The day was very warm and humid. I asked the guests accompanying me whether it was ok to take the boat to a point where we have sighted a Tiger on a couple of occasions. We hurried to the spot without much tarrying. And we were not disappointed. After waiting for a couple of minutes, a herd of Chital began giving alarm calls looking in the direction of dry bamboo thickets with their tails raised up.

Naturalists from one of the vehicles informed me that they spotted the tiger with her two cubs. We waited patiently, hoping the tiger would walk along the banks. To our disappointment, the tiger didn’t show up.

After waiting for about 45 minutes, we decided to leave the area and thought will quickly check for a crocodile. My boatman Sreenivas spotted a tiger sitting in a small pool of water close to the river bank.

Upon seeing us, the tiger retracted to his hide. As the currents were strong, it took our boat very close to the bank. We then started our boat so that we could stop in the middle of the river which would also give us better visibility.

Tiger at Kabini

It’s a Tiger!

The moment we took our boat, this young male Tiger raised his head so as to ensure we had left. As we stopped the boat, he went into hiding again. This act took place a few times, but later, he decided to emerge, walked majestically along the bank, and disappeared into the jungle.

Tiger, Kabini

Tiger Tales….