I was guiding 18 guests during an afternoon boat safari. It was a sunny day. Hence I anticipated better sightings. And yes, it happened! An Indian Spotted Eagle was scavenging for a fish. Two Sambar stags wallowed in the shallow water. A massive crocodile lay basking on the lake shore for a while.  A flock of Painted Stork panted on the shore, and a majestic bull Elephant was seen picking the tall grass from the shallow water.

A sounder of 12 wild pigs were foraging on the shore. There were 4 sows (female- Wild Pigs) in that sounder. Suddenly, one of the sows from the sounder began running towards a dry bamboo bundle. It then began eating something. I could not get a clear view. Then I asked the boat man Bheema to move the boat towards that pig.

wild boar, Kabini

A Wild Boar Feeding

I then took my binoculars and was trying to focus on the pig. It was scavenging a Spotted Deer, and then other female pig chased her away from that point and began eating the carcass. The rest of the piglets from the sounder started squealing and waiting for those sows to move from there.

wild boar

Little Piglets at the Feast…

At the same time, a few large billed crows arrived to join the party. One was sitting on the back of the pig. As soon as the sow realized that the crow was on its back, she chased it away. Finally, the piglets got the opportunity to get the carcass. All the guests admired the scene.