It was an unusually misty morning this monsoon. I was fortunate to be a naturalist in the morning vehicle safari. We had made a sighting of a handful of chital and a sambar. The jungle was reverbrating with bird calls.

We were entering the old Mysore – Kerala highway through the jungle and we saw two more vehicles parked at a fair distance from us. As we were driving, there were many hands from these vehicles asking us to slow down and indicating to something on the road side. I was very excited, and I told the guests that these vehicles could be seeing something special, and asked all of them to maintain calm as we approached them.

When we reached the spot, Mahadev(the driver) and I were also keen to look in the direction indicated, and we spontaneously alarmed the Leopard!

Leopard at Kabini

The Anytime Treat…

All my guests were very excited to see this adult male leopard resting very close to the jeeps parked by, and he was very relaxed at the sight of our oncoming vehicle.

Leopard in Kabini

Ever Fascinating