One of the unique features of Orange County, Kabini is the abundance of knowledge of nature and the environment that is prevalent consistently across the entire system here. From the learned Naturalists right up to the gardeners, every one of them takes pride in preserving the natural ecosystem of the land.

While the boat and jeep safaris steal the show in terms of an experience of the wilderness and encounters with the huge range of flora and fauna, there is one other wonderful experience that you get to enjoy right in the lap of nature – the Bird Watching trek.

Bird Watching Trek, Kabini

Avid Birders…

Starting right from the boat jetty, all the way up to the outer peripheries of the Reading Lounge, past the vast expanse of water bordered wasteland, crossing the swamps, the little road passes through the little village, before breaking out into the meadows and the meandering roads leading back to the entrance of the resort.

This one hour trek is a mesmerizing experience, peppered by a huge range of bird calls. This stretch is home to water birds like Egrets, Spotted Ducks, Whistling ducks, Cranes, Ibises and the occasional Wooly-necked Storks and Painted Storks.

On the land, there is an even larger range for the budding ornithologist: Coucals, Swifts, Shrikes, Lapwings, Doves, Parakeets, Mynas, Weavers, Rollers, Wagtails, Robins and a huge range of other little birds that adorn the route.

The Naturalists, trained and well informed about the bird calls, the habitats and behaviour of the ‘avian community’, go about their jobs, diligently spotting, explaining and introducing these wonders to the new and seasoned birders. In fact, my wife, an ardent ornithologist for over a decade now, had her induction into this hobby by my good friend Venky Kollapan, and has pursued it diligently to date.

This is one of the unknown yet awesome aspects of Orange County, Kabini that’s not to miss.

Bird Watching at Kabini

Kabini: an Ornithologists Delight!