The Grey Langur or the Indian Langur is more commonly called the Hanuman Langur in India.  It is believed to have derived its name from the legendary Hanuman, a famous monkey god who fought to save the wife of the famous Indian King Rama. When Hanuman’s when he got trapped in a fire, Langur monkeys came to his rescue, and burnt their hands and faces in the process. They are thus, basically characterized by black faces and hands.
Hanuman Langurs are among the most sacred animals in the Hindu Religion, and live mainly on a vegetarian diet that changes from season to season. During the winter, they survive on a diet of mature leaves. In summer, they subsist mainly on fruits. Insects, tree barks and gum also supplement their diet. Hanuman Langurs can easily digest seeds with high levels of toxins and even eat soil and stones!

Hanuman Langur at Kabini

A Beautiful Hanuman Langur

They can be seen almost everywhere at Kabini, especially during Jeep Safaris, and are found living in large groups, dominated by a male Langur. The membership of the group could be anywhere between 10 and 60.
Some Interesting Langur Facts:
Langurs are called “A Chital Deer’s Best Friend”. The monkey’s superior eyesight and ability to sit atop high trees allows it to spot predators easily. It often co-exists with herds of Chital Deer and sends out alarm calls when a predator approaches. In return, the Chital Deer’s excellent sense of smell allows it to detect predators early on and warn the Langur when they are on land, that something could be approaching.

Chital and Hanuman Langur

A Relationship to Cherish: a Chital and a Hanuman Langur

The other major relationship these monkeys seem to have built is with the Indian Gaur. From their perches high up in the trees, they not only send out warning calls of approaching predators, but also shake up branches of fruit-bearing trees, to drop fruits on the ground, for the grazing Gaur herds below. The Gaur in turn are seen to protect trees, where groups of monkeys sleep at night, especially from their most fearsome enemy – the Leopard who is an ace hunter at night, and easily climbs huge trees.