This is the onset season of the monsoons. On 10th June 2014, I took a vehicle safari with a group of 18 guests. For most of them, this was the first wildlife safari experience in the wild. We crossed the Karapura lodge situated on the opposite side of the river bank. On the way to the forest, when I asked each guest what they were hoping to see that day, everyone was really happy, perhaps feeling that whatever we tell our Naturalist, he would definitely show us.

Most of them requested me to show them one tiger. Being a Naturalist, it’s a big challenge for me to show the tiger in the wild, especially this season when the park is slowly getting greener and greener by the day.

As we were on the way, we watched a herd of elephants. All the guests stood up from their seats to watch the giant. As we entered the forest, we watched a large herd of Spotted Deer, and they were all grazing on the fresh green grass sprouting just after the rain.

Then we saw Sambar, a sounder of Wild Boar, and a herd of Gaur.  All the guests really enjoyed each sighting. Finally, the guests told me they wanted to see a Tiger. I told them I could try my best. Then I proceeded towards the president road corner. As we entered, I saw two vehicles standing close to a pit, and all were standing on top of their vehicles. I called out, “Tiger, Tiger”.

Tiger at Kabini

It’s a Tiger!

As we went close to the pit, the tiger was resting within the pit like a terrorist. He was lifting his head after every 02 minutes and again hiding his presence from all the vehicles. After the tiger sighting, guests were happy to see the beautiful striped cat, and they said this safari was a memorable safari for them.

tiger in Kabini

Announcing its Presence?