One of my recent safaris by boat was really special, as I got a chance to sight a huge Mugger or the Marsh crocodile basking on the river bank very close to me. On this drive, we had sighted about five in total, but this one was least bothered by our presence. This gave me the confidence to approach him closer without disturbing him, and I got some good pictures. This also gave me an opportunity to observe this large predator’s details like its nostrils, which is seldom seen located on the upper side of its head, which  allows the mugger to submerge the rest of its body, but still keep these sensory organs above the water.

Mugger Croc in Kabini


Muggers are scavengers, clearing the rivers and lakes, as well as nearby land areas, of dead fish and animals. This helps keep the water system clean.

Later during the safari, we were lucky to observe the colourful Painted Storks that are usually spotted in Kabini during the summer months in large numbers. This Stork was seen stretching itself after it got up from its rest.

Painted Stork, Kabini

Pretty as a Painting? A Painted Stork…