It was a bright and sunny day and totally uncharacteristic of the monsoon month. I was the Naturalist for the evening boat safari with 18 guests. The Kabini backwaters were rising as it was raining heavily in Kerala.

Since the water level was up to the jungle, there was not much of wildlife sightings on the banks. Just when the guests were begening to wonder as to what lay ahead for them; there was this huge Tusker boasting a pair of huge white marvels, standing in the water not far away from the bank. I kept reminding the guests not to show their excitement as I felt that this big bull may charge the boat.

The tusker was busy picking the long grass growing in the shallow water and washing the bunch with utmost care to remove the mud from the roots and then enjoying the evening meal.

We couldn’t ask for more during the monsoons. We waited there till the Tusker walked away after the feast. It was indeed a feast for our eyes as well.