It’s monsoon time, and the jungle reflects this totally. The bushes are thick and fully grown .  I was the guide on the morning drive in the National Park that day. We were lucky to sight  a  small  herd of Elephants, Sambar and a sounder of Wild Pigs. The guests were well-informed about the scene in the jungle.

I was fortunate to have Lokesh, a driver from Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Kabini. He also had an eye for wildlife. At one point, he stopped the vehicle and asked for binoculars, and then I knew that for sure, he had seen something.

A Leopard at Kabini

A Prized Sighting! Picture courtesy: Somashekhar

Instantly, he shouted out, “Leopard!” much to the guests’ delight. We all looked in the direction he pointed, and there was a leopardess lying on the fork of a tree. But a closer look through the binoculars, and we were equally delighted to see the kill, a Langur, hanging at her feet. But the Leopardess didn’t feed on the kill. Instead, she turned and rested facing the other side.

Leopard on a tree

Ever a Surprize! Picture courtesy: Somashekhar