A perfect getaway for nature lovers! The incredible backdrop with the tranquil backwaters of the river Kabini presents an idyllic setting for a long awaited retreat. The assets of nature abide in this place.

elephants, Kabini

The Wealth of Nature!

The entire region has a thriving and infinite splash of green. The rain god himself blesses the spirit of exploration at times.

After a hiatus of ten to fifteen minutes, we get a glimpse of baby elephants followed by larger ones. We can spot them enjoy their ‘vegetarian meal’ if we stay silent and still. These beasts look graceful and elegant as we get closer to them.

As we move farther, we get the foretaste of Spotted Deer at regular intervals. These beautiful creatures keep springing up every now and then.  Their abundance is the only thing which stops them from having the star status of lions and tigers.

River trips in Kabini are so heavenly. The elegance of the backwaters gives us a meditated sensitivity. If we are lucky enough, we spot animals’ jamboree. Wild buffalos, peacocks, gaur, langurs, monkeys, leopards, tigers, and wild boars are some of the ‘guests’ who’re part of the jamboree. It is a real treat.

When getting back home after such an experience, elephants are the ones who make me really feel the worth of this trip. Elephants in the wild are innocuous beasts indeed!

elephants at Kabini

The Unforgettable Treat!