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12 / Sep / 2012
The great British naturalist, George Montagu, gave it his name. Can you give it a title?
Montagu's Harrier, Coorg Photograph: Kiran Poonacha Story: Rajesh Ramaswamy

The great British naturalist, George Montagu, gave it his name. Can you give it a title?

War movie buffs and air force acolytes who know their Falcons from their Nighthawks will always have a soft spot for the Harrier. In today’s world of muscular, supersonic stealth fighters, the Harrier is a gracious throwback to the age of subsonic flight. Developed as a jump-jet capable of vertical take-offs, and able to operate from garages and small clearings, the Harrier was an agile and much beloved icon of the aerospace that found its true calling in the confined spaces of aircraft carriers, and is still in use by the Indian and American forces for reconnaissance and combat duties. Far from the salty winds of the high seas, however, the inspiration for this jet still flies the flag for the tribe in the highlands of Coorg. The transcontinental Montagu’s Harrier is a regular winter visitor and is distinguished by the deceptively powerful wing beats that reek of lazy indolence, yet propel it for long distances at a much slower speed than other raptors. Far from being easy, this form of flying calls for a certain skill that isn’t always obvious. Try pedaling a bicycle at a very slow speed for a long distance without losing your balance or poise, and you’ll know what we mean. The low-flying Montagu’s Harrier manages this difficult task while still looking as graceful as a swan. This ability to literally skim the ground opens up a lot more opportunities for the larder, allowing it to surprise the most agile ground-prey, small birds and large insects. After the capture, it transfers the booty, mid-air, to its mate who flies just under and catches the offering as it’s dropped, while the male continues, unruffled and unfettered, for another low-altitude reconnaissance and capture mission that proves how slow and steady still wins the race.

We at Orange County have loved sharing this story with you, and shall bring you one every fortnight, as part of our Responsible Tourism Initiatives to raise awareness about the nature and culture of the environments we operate in.

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User Comments
  1. Shekhar Panandiker says:

    Hail the harrier of Coorg

  2. Sangeet says:

    Majestic Monarch of the skies!!!

  3. Jyothsna says:

    Slow but steady still wins the race!!!

  4. drabuziai vyrams says:

    Hi my friend! I wish to say that this post is amazing, nice written and include approximately all vital infos. I would like to look more posts like this .

  5. Kshitija says:

    The raptor and the prey

  6. Sachita.C.B says:

    The Grace of the Harrier
    Makes the place a lot merrier,
    Shun your arms Oh! Warrior,
    Be the Earth Saviour!

  7. Sunitha Bora says:

    Regal Stealth Warrior of Coorg

  8. Puneeth B C says:

    This bird’s landing slide can generate a landslide.

  9. Kishen Carriappa says:

    A Top Gear flight commander, our very own Montagu Harrier

  10. Kishen Carriappa says:

    With all its glory this Montagu’s quite a story.

  11. Kishen Carriappa says:

    This bird in any avatar is a cut above by far

  12. Kishen Carriappa says:

    The baap of all birds has the chaap of majestic splendour!

  13. Kishen Carriappa says:

    On your claws, get set and fly

  14. Varadharajan R says:

    Title : Montagu’s arrival every winter marks the ceremony, giving kodagu hospitality its best testimony

  15. Ravitej Rao says:

    Can it get any better, natures very own Harrier Jet!!

  16. Ravitej Rao says:

    Cutting Edge Take Off!

  17. Pranav says:

    The race for nature, animals,birds and life runs together , the only way you can catch them is the majestic and the moral exhibiting the wonderful days.

  18. Kishen Carriappa says:

    Flying in her majestic secret circuit!

  19. Kishen Carriappa says:

    Birds of this feather is a foil to none other!

  20. Kishen Carriappa says:

    Icon with the wind!

  21. Roshini Carriappa says:

    I am the wing beneath the wind!

  22. Roshini Carriappa says:

    Hard glare, soft landing!

  23. Mayur Ravindra Kashalkar says:

    I would like to name it as:
    “The Coorg Jet Carrier-Dare to Miss It, You lose a Lot!”

  24. Aarthi says:

    Holidaying is not the word…. A visit to paradise might do at least half justice!

  25. Pathak Sujan D says:

    Gliding acrobatic prowls of Coorg, on mission “If looks can kill”

  26. Jagadeesh Stanly says:

    Harriers-designed with beauty and a purpose , just like the Orange County

  27. Archana says:

    Sleek, Silent, Stealthy: Feathered Friend or Foe?

  28. Nikola Arun says:

    Montagu’s Harrier – The perfect flight

  29. preci says:

    Royal Warrior.

  30. Visalakshi Raman says:

    beauty in the wings,
    hotty in the eyes.
    what a beautiful pose,
    in it ourselves we lose.

  31. Varadharajan R says:

    Title : A bird’s eye view of this bird’s eye broadens the boundaries of beauty

  32. Surendra Pinisetty says:

    Hat rick anniversary like hat rick world cup for our most favorite orange county…. Surendra Pinisetty

  33. Varadharajan R says:

    A bid for this beauty is forbidden.

  34. Sujan says:

    fly to succeed but miss…

  35. Rahul Vora says:

    Title : Coorg’s Winter Warrior

  36. Vaibhavi Pathak says:

    Floating satellites of the sky, Yellow eyed Snipers on the fly !!

  37. Vijayagopal G says:

    Hearts take off on a landing! – a contrasting experience…

  38. Deepika Mally says:

    Title:- I know how to survive.

  39. Vaishali J Ved says:

    Title: Flight of Freedom

  40. Harikrishnan says:

    the title :- Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed

  41. Harikrishnan says:

    The legend has it that the eagle has the sharpest eyesight of all birds. when its sight grows dull with age it flies up towards the sun, and by staring at the sun, which only it can do,it burns away all the cloudiness of age, its time for the eagle to rise all above….

  42. Manu Augustine says:

    Beguiled by the allure of the evergreen Blue Hills: The Harrier, an unworldly illusion of majesty.

  43. Anu says:

    Will with skill made it possble

  44. Anu says:

    Mission made possible with will and concentration.

  45. G.S.Chahal says:

    Life is beautiful!

  46. G.S.Chahal says:

    Get a Life!

  47. santosh talvatkar says:

    Never say NO to Orange County at Coorg

  48. SHOBANA MURALI says:

    I view

  49. Vishnu Karthick says:

    Size dosent mater
    How big your problems is face it like that harrier fighting mountain snake

  50. rahul kapoor says:

    witness speed in slow motion

  51. rahul kapoor says:

    execute enthral

  52. Ronak Shah says:

    Achtung! The King of Kill is here.

  53. bhishm mittal says:

    bird of honour

  54. Puja Bhatt says:

    Supersonic Flight of the Gracious Harrier !!!

  55. Sanjiv Shinde says:

    Montagu’s thought ,Harrier’s vision on beauty of Coorg

  56. girish says:

    Is an acoustic gem in the crown of the natural world.

  57. ajay says:

    the landing indicates thatthey fly high over the sky they are free from there work and ready to work and carry extra work with energitic & enthuastic and fly again same aims of enjoy and dreams,so why man cant, be an energitic landing because after hard work success are on a way of dreams to win the life.

  58. Anuj Puri says:

    Predatory grace…

  59. Nidhi Sahay says:

    Game of Stones-The King’s Landing…

  60. Anuj Puri says:

    The Stealth Copter of Coorg

  61. Srinivasan TN says:

    Never say NO to Orange County at Coorg

  62. amit bansal says:

    Heavenly Experience—Destination UNLIMITED!!

  63. amit bansal says:


  64. Naman Patel says:

    Expect the unexpected just like Harrier’s impeccable landing at Orange County.

  65. Balaji Sankaranarayanan says:

    Sleek, Subtle yet Surreptitious…

  66. Viral jariwala says:

    Harrier has no barrier in orange world

  67. Nidhi Sahay says:

    The Grand Design of Coorg’s Hawk-King

  68. daksh jain says:

    a warrior known as harrier who crosses all barriers

  69. Chandresh Jain says:

    An Eye for Details …..Becaz perfection Matters

  70. Saurabh Shahane says:

    Sharp Shooter!

    The Montagu’s Harrier strikes a Flamboyant Poise with its Graceful Plumage and Sharp Looks!
    Brilliant Photography!

  71. Anuj Puri says:

    On a wing and a Harrier…

  72. N ANAND says:

    The photo captured shows the Montagu’s harrier landing on top of a python if I am not mistaken. Wonderfully taken of the wild!

  73. abhijeet chatterjee says:

    nature’s aircarft carrier

  74. Gautam Parikh says:

    fly free

  75. L Ramanarayanan says:

    Happiness never ends! It is only in the mind!

  76. rakhee chhabria says:

    face the challenge!

  77. rakhee chhabria says:

    freedom to fly

  78. rakhee chhabria says:

    focus , drive and determination – key to success

  79. vaidehi mulay says:

    golden beauty

  80. Shashank Mulay says:

    Landing on the rock

  81. varun G says:

    ‘Harrier–The Sukhoi of Animal Kingdom.

  82. Pritish Pandey says:

    The ‘Hovering Huntsman’ of Coorg

  83. Ann Ge says:

    Perch on the rock & Soar into the skies!

  84. abhishek sethi says:

    natural beauty and romantic enviroment

  85. Zinnia Costa Correia says:

    vividly soothing.

  86. suganyachandrasekhar says:

    Sky is not so high- Because I am determined in my action.

  87. Shankara Narayanan says:

    Blissful glider

  88. Rajesh says:

    Coorg Hawk

  89. Nikhilesh says:

    Harrier Potter – the Wizard of Coorg!

  90. Dr. Sunil Narain says:

    Now look dear readers !, ” this is how you perform a perfect landing at Coorg”.

  91. Bharathi Rajkumar says:

    Wings: Festivity of nature’s escstacy, Eyes: Imperial, Paws: Determined, Photography: At its best!

  92. Diwas says:

    Mind body and soul rejuvenating experience

  93. Pritish Pandey says:

    Magisterial Grace – The ‘Harrier’ at Coorg

  94. Khushbu Gandhi says:

    Harrier: Catch The Mighty Visitor of Cool Coorg Highlands

  95. Anita Swain says:

    Emperor of grace- Harrier wins the race

  96. Anita Swain says:

    Sheer Harrier!

  97. Phagun Shah says:

    Precision Personified Gracefully

  98. Kishen Carriappa says:

    The Great in-flight entertainment!

  99. Siddharth Agrawal says:

    ” The Avian Extravaganza”

  100. Kishen Carriappa says:

    The Raj of the Flight Brigade!

  101. Kishen Carriappa says:

    Request permission to land. The wing commander cometh!

  102. Kishen Carriappa says:

    Touché! The lean mean flying machine.

  103. kishor doshi says:

    It’s orange marvelous !!

  104. Sudha Rao says:

    My title is:
    I harry my prey but I am well poised !

  105. Clare says:

    Harrier’s Plié Landing: Majestic ballet of the Montagu’s falcon

  106. depalan says:

    Enigma of arrival

  107. Ramya TK says:

    C-Colorful and Cool place where
    O-Originate to enjoy the
    R-Resplendent beauty of nature where the place is charged with
    G-Grandeur of God

  108. Niraj Pathak says:

    Aired live in frames near you – Chilling stares & grappling fists !!!

  109. Sharan says:

    Grandeur and extravagance – Coorg.
    – Orange County

  110. C J AVIN says:


  111. rajendra patel says:


  112. UMA RAMESH IYER says:

    To enjoy vacation with Orange County , Be a Harrier but not Hurrier.

  113. uma rajamanickam says:

    its laying on mother nature’s lap

  114. Shyam says:

    Rustic Beauty of Nature ….picturised in immense sense….

  115. Shyam says:

    Rustic Beauty of Nature ….picturised

  116. Amit Kumar Sinha says:

    Agar duniya me kahi jannat ha tou woo yahii ha….

  117. Archana Arora says:

    The Moonraker

  118. Yousuf says:

    Pure and Natural Diplomat


    Whatever I have seen & read on NET about the Resort is quite fascinating. I really want to visit.

  120. M K Ganapathy says:

    Aerodynamic elegance at it best

  121. Tay says:

    Hover Craft-y

  122. M K Ganapathy says:

    Every wingspan at tips at high speeds creates a vortex of turbulence at the wing tips. All raptors flex their wing tips upwardsto deflect this turbulenmce away from the wing tips thereby minimizing turbulence. This is replicated in commercial aircraft wingtips. Wow!

  123. GIMESH .K.M. says:

    Safe landing to God’s own country…….

  124. GIMESH .K.M. says:

    safe landing to god’s own country

  125. Rajani Nair says:

    The Harrier threshold

  126. Rajani Nair says:

    The return of the Harrier

  127. Anand says:

    Resplendent and Regal !!

  128. NethraAnilappanna says:

    Beauty of Galaxy…!!!

  129. vinoth says:

    Safe landing in safeplace

  130. vinoth says:

    The littlegull galloping.

  131. Sangeetha Sujit says:

    Lap of Luxury or God??? Way to go!!!

  132. M Sunita says:

    Inspirational Flight!!

  133. Brian Papali says:

    Descend at Orange County, discover your deeper self & refresh your relationships there in cosy harmony with nature at its verdant,colourful best

  134. Vishnuvardhan Ravindrakumar says:

    Eternal Elegance!!!

  135. seema karmokar says:

    If God CREATED beauty….Orange County DEFINED it….Itz a creation with a mixture of everything in it….It depends what we LOOK for.. in it….EUPHORIA TO THE EYES…..

  136. Sumitra says:

    Amazing Grace!

  137. Amar Nath says:

    Great landing in the wonderland of serenity ..

  138. Vallabh Rao says:

    And that’s how its done!

  139. rajesh kumar r says:

    I hold the whole world in my hands.feel like god

  140. Dr.harish krishnan says:


  141. John Mathew says:

    Emergency Landing but Safe

  142. Divya M says:

    One of Nature’s best creation:)

  143. Dr. K.Ravikumar says:

    Red Baron of the feathered kind.

  144. Amol Chilwant says:

    God Gifted Natural Beauty

  145. Amit Gupta says:

    Feel The Luxury Under The NAture

  146. Vimi Mehta says:

    Beauty Love and immense energy are all yours when u r in Orange County as everything is in Synergy.

  147. Darlington Hector says:

    Come hither! Give wings to my dreams!!

  148. Hiral Somani says:

    Its time to fly high with your wishes and dreams !!!

  149. Kirthi Malladi says:

    Silence of the Bean.

  150. Kirthi Malladi says:

    Where love meets Life and time stops.

  151. Kirthi Malladi says:

    Discovery Love. Once again.

  152. sathya narayana says:

    coorg’s winter guest.

  153. Kirthi Malladi says:

    Falling in Love. Once again.

  154. mrs seema says:

    i love this place ….

  155. mahaveerchand says:

    its a natural wonder on earth

  156. Mahaveer says:

    God’s creation for this beautiful earth

  157. Seongseob Yang says:

    Very amazing, dynamic & static photograph

  158. Rajkumar K says:

    God’s Own Airlines 🙂

  159. Dr Sanjay Barot says:

    Majestic Hunter

  160. Parixit patel says:

    Reincarnation & rejuvenation of life

  161. Mallika Chellappa says:

    Harriers practise mid-air refuelling!

  162. Sivaram viswanathan says:


  163. Mallika Chellappa says:

    He wears a coat of many colours

  164. HEMANSHU MEHTA says:

    god is really great

  165. Namrata Dedhia says:

    Flight of Fury

  166. Dr. Ritesh Dedhia says:

    If eyes could kill!!!

  167. manoharan t says:

    Spectacular landing for a celestial recharge

  168. Apoorva Shah says:

    Welcome to the natural harriers airport, am landing at orange county !! If you want to see natural aerial acrobatics, welcome to orange county

  169. SHARAD says:

    Great flayer of coorg in orange county.well managed flayer in birds zone.

  170. SHARAD says:

    The great flyer of coorg with targeted foods and very intelligence in all birds. great coorg of orange county.

  171. Ravi krishna S says:

    Freeze Flight, Freeze time, moments at Orange county!

  172. manoharan t says:

    A perfect landing…… to unwind

  173. kumar raja says:

    world beautiful please in orange county

  174. Santokh Kalra says:

    lovely photograph-really majestic!

  175. Somdatta Sinha says:

    Welcome to the surreal, welcome to the magnificent – welcome to Orange County

  176. Chetana says:

    Fearless Flight of Life in Orange County

  177. Asha Ghosh says:

    Gliding Gold

  178. Arun Ganesh U R says:

    The Vivacious Paraglider

  179. Apu Sista says:

    GREAT Photograph!

  180. Bharat says:

    touch the eye

  181. depalan says:

    rapture descends

  182. vinoth says:

    little gull

  183. Nikhilesh says:

    Harrier Jumpjet – The Shock & Awe expert!

  184. Prerana Prasad says:

    Nature’s Touchdown Lessons!

  185. vinod gada says:

    nature at its best



  187. Neeraj Goyal says:

    NaturesHawk 1 for Loved ones from Orange County

  188. K.Narayanamurthy says:

    Simply Flying

  189. Ketul Shah says:

    Heaven on earth !!!

  190. Lata Jain says:

    Beauty n Grace in motion

  191. Nilesh Sawant says:

    The Ultimate Landing !

  192. purvi piyush shah says:

    spectacular vision of orange county

  193. Nirmala STEPHEN says:

    Beating Retreat

  194. Aditya Dhruva says:

    Where Eagles Dare

  195. Blaise Ghevarghese says:


  196. Nirmala STEPHEN says:

    Beating Retreat

  197. Aline Dobbie says:

    Whenever I visit Orange County Kabini and again this year when I returned to their Coorg property I relish being in rural India…I get up very early and have a quick cup of tea then I walk about in my caftan catching the morning sunlight in my photography; as I do that the birdsong and activity is all around me…at Kabini the mist might still be on the lake and one can see a coracle fishermen. At Kabini it is lovely to go out to the jungle very early and indeed I have crossed that lake at 05.30 to reach an appointment…the sound of the fish plopping and then slowly the sunrise and the chill is burnt off. At Coorg one walks amongst the trees and the coffee plantation – this year the coffee flowers were quite prolific but sometimes they look as if it has snowed! I would like some time to be there in both places in the real heat whereas I am usually there in February…the heat would make the pools very very welcome. One day if I win the lottery I swear I am going to bring our grandchildren to the Orange County Resorts, play with the elephant, go on safari, enjoy the pools, the lovely food investigate the plant life and local tribal life. There is so much to do but yet it is relaxing. My grandchildren all want to ride on an elephant through the jungle and bath an elephant and see tigers…they are growing up aware of India through me and my writing and photography. http://picasaweb.google.com/alinedobbie will find lovely galleries on the Orange County Resorts and other places in Karnataka and indeed the whole of India. http://www.thepeacockscall.co.uk

  198. Manoj says:

    Hovering Tempest

  199. VIPUL GANDHI says:


  200. N Prakash says:

    ethereal grace !

  201. Piyush Sheth says:

    Name it as INDIGO as the colors matches the name

  202. Deepan Mankad says:

    Landing Tips Redefined!

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