The Kabini Protection Racket!
21 / May / 2015
Photographed by Samyak Kaninde

We’ve all grown up on stories of the Mafia and how most businessmen need to shell out ‘Protection Money’ to carry on with their lives and businesses. In a Kabini, teeming with predatory gangs, there is one set of precocious toddlers who begin this practise early. The Red Pierrot of Kabini is a case in […]

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Red Pierrot, Kabini | Posted in Insects | 15 Comments »

The Ultimate Stick Trick!
6 / Aug / 2014
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

When you think of flying sticks and tricks, you tend to think of Bruce Lee and his famous split-stick, the Nunchaku, or circus acts where clowns and magicians make simple sticks do their bidding. But have you ever known a stick that has a mind of its own, and can do things beyond the normal? […]

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The Tiger that Plays Possum!
4 / Oct / 2013
Photographed by Isaac Kehimkar

While visitors to the forests of Kabini are always advised to keep an eye out for a tiger lurking in the underbrush, not all tigers in the area are big cats slinking past on a predatory evening prowl. There are also tiny little ones who don’t just eschew the dark, but go out of their […]

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Plain Tiger Butterfly, Kabini | Posted in Insects | 8 Comments »

Horn OK Please!
31 / Jul / 2013
Photographed by Sanket Reddy

For those of us brought up on a literary repast of captions adorning signboards and those quirky lines on the backs of trucks that own our highways, the title of this story will bring about a strong sense of déjà vu. As it will, for our naturalist cousins in Kaziranga, home to the great Indian […]

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Rhinoceros Beetle, Kabini | Posted in Insects | 9 Comments »

The Painted Lady of Kabini
23 / May / 2013
Photographed by Jose Ramapuram

If you’ve ever stopped to smell the flowers in Kabini, chances are that you’d have made the acquaintance of a very pretty female member of the jungle glitterati. Flying at canopy level, this temptress invites you to look up, and gives you flashes of her undergarments that look like they’re straight out of a designer’s […]

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Common Jezebel, Kabini | Posted in Insects | 8 Comments »

A Rose by any other name…
26 / Sep / 2012
Photographed by Sanket Reddy

For centuries, a rose has not just been a flower, but also a gallant substitute for words: the term sub-rosa (literally ‘under the rose’) means there’s more to the message than seems evident at first glance. When we receive red roses, we know someone loves us, and when we get a yellow bunch, we know […]

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Crimson Rose, Kabini | Posted in Insects | 12 Comments »

A Mason’s Lodge in Kabini
22 / Feb / 2012
Photographed by Ganesh H. Shankar

The cult of the Freemasons and the rituals of the Masonic lodges may remain an eternal mystery to those of us who’re on the outside. But in the lush environs of Kabini, there exists another esoteric group of masons that creates lodges whose construct is predicated to the creation of life, and whose artistry has […]

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Potter Wasp, Kabini | Posted in Insects | 28 Comments »

The Bearded Bandit of Coorg!
11 / Jan / 2012
Photographed by Samyak Kaninde

Being mugged is every traveller’s nightmare. Being mugged and then consumed as the main course in a mugger’s banquet, is the stuff that makes it to the horror movie hall of fame. But being killed and converted into a Smoothie to be slurped at leisure, takes the (dis)honours and is certainly not something you’d like […]

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Robber Fly, Coorg | Posted in Insects | 8 Comments »

The Exiled Prince
15 / Jun / 2011
Photographed by Ganesh H. Shankar

History is replete with tales of legendary heroes going into exile, and returning after conquering the odds, to reclaim their rightful place. In the Hindu epic, The Ramayana, the young Prince Rama had to undergo a fourteen year exile before he was considered ready to claim his throne. While Rama spent his years in the […]

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Cicada, Kabini | Posted in Insects | 15 Comments »

The Copycat of Coorg!
23 / Mar / 2011
Photographed by Ganesh H. Shankar

It’s said that if you wish to attain any degree of proficiency in a field, you should begin early. Nobody follows this dictum better than the subject of this issue, whose career as a mimicry artist begins from early childhood. What looks to be a bird’s dropping on a leaf, is often a Common Mormon […]

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Common Mormon Caterpillar, Coorg | Posted in Insects | 10 Comments »

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