The Femme Fatale of Coorg!
24 / Jan / 2013
Photographed by Jose Ramapuram

While the women of Coorg have long been lauded for their beauty and grace, there’s one local lass whose petite visage disguises a fiery personality. Meet Kanthari, or the ‘dangerous lady’, whose writ runs across the hills and dales of Coorg, and makes even grown men quail. One of the spiciest chillies in the world, […]

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Bird's eye chilli, Coorg | Posted in Plantation | 6 Comments »

Gone with the Wind
21 / Oct / 2009
Photographed by Shivu K

How does one tell the men from the boys? The good from the bad? The villains from the heroes? Simple! A Coorg paddy farmer would tell you to just get them all together, and give them a good thrashing (or ‘threshing’ as the politically correct term goes). This will cause the straw to stalk off, […]

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A spouse is nice, but some spice is better
16 / Sep / 2009
Photographed by Salim Pushpanath

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to his stomach has, for millennia, been a closely guarded secret. Throughout history, men and women who’ve sought to put the spice back in their lives, have depended on one rare ingredient. Pepper, that pungent and precious berry from the treasure chests […]

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