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19 / Aug / 2009
Bling on the Wing
Emerald Dove, Coorg Photograph: Kiran Poonacha Story: Rajesh Ramaswamy

Bling on the Wing

We all know about women and diamonds, but emeralds are some birds’ best friends. We are, of course, talking about the ‘Emerald’ Dove that struts around bejeweled, with her trademark emerald green under parts, accessorized with a black and grey banding on the back. The male of the species is not shy of flaunting his jewels either, and complements his emerald adornment with a grey crown and white shoulder patch, which are denied the female. He, however, ensures that any ruffled feathers are smoothed by performing an elaborate bobbing dance to court her, and more often than not, it works. This dove doesn’t bring a message of peace to termites, who form a tasty though insubstantial, aerial snack. Normal a-la-carte meals are, however, usually on terra firma. Grains, seeds and fallen berries are the staple, though if you were to invite one to a ‘lantana lunch’, you’d earn her eternal gratitude, and she’d let you know in that soft, moaning ‘coo’ of hers.

We at Orange County have loved sharing this story with you, and shall bring you one every fortnight, as part of our Responsible Tourism Initiatives to raise awareness about the nature and culture of the environments we operate in.

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User Comments
  1. Samuel says:

    Hi there… This is a beautiful bird. Where does the Emerald Dove come from? Where do they live or what country? I’ve never seen one like this. Peace and thank you.

  2. Vinod Kumar VK says:

    The Most Most Beautiful Featherd Jewel of Coorg!!! by a Emerald Photographer of Coorg!!

  3. ANAND KOTHARI says:

    Things like these want us to be back. not once not twice but, always.
    Great Picture to keep us missing.

  4. indrajitt ghorrpade says:

    taken to wildlife photography recently. want to connect with others . and send recent photographs for comments and gallery . cheers . indrajitt ghorrpade

  5. jagadish.m.b says:

    Great visit Orange county and go for bird watching

  6. P.Mathew Samuel says:

    Rajesh, lovely idea,fab fotos, brill copy, great for the resort,great work!

  7. Kumaraguru says:

    Excellent photograph. Would love to visit Orange county, just to see this bird. Keep it up!

  8. Nandakumar says:

    Landscapes is a brilliant idea. The quality of photographs is excellent and the write-up is interesting. These pictures are an eye opener to the rich flora and fauna of Coorg, and if we really get to see some of these species it will be a great experience. Keep it up, and we look forward to many more.

  9. avinash s says:

    i’d like to see more of this newsletter. it’s a lovely idea.

  10. Prashant Shenoi says:

    Great capture. The state bird of Tamil Nadu. The spendid picture lets us realise the beauty of the bird which we would’ve otherwise missed seeing it live.

  11. Kriyang says:

    Its like another jewel in the crown. Like my family, this wonderful species too would like to visit the County more often. And in turn this will attract us again and again. Its like a blessed cycle for us, the other life as well as the County.-Kriyang & Family

  12. Merwin Dsouza says:

    Excellent picture with great clarity and focus. Keep them coming

  13. Anjali Gill says:

    What a great idea ! And a true treat for all of us each week, if this is any hint of what lies ahead. Cannot wait to see the next one. Kudos Rajesh & your whole team for taking this up & doing such a great job of it !

    Looks like I am gonna have to visit Orange County when I next come to India…!

    cheers & keep ’em coming !

  14. kishore says:

    Sigh. My last trip to Orange County, Coorg was a dream.. and now it’s calling out to me again. Double sigh. Great site. Keep it up.

  15. b v rao says:

    awesome. the picture is so wow! and the eassy-caption doesn’t let it down. as eloquent as the bird is majestic. i liked the very idea of a weekly photo-essay. if this is for starters, i’m looking forward to the meal each week. i like the dusty, musty, sunset looks fo the website too. fits well with the oranage country colours and has that “jungle” feel about it. i think Landscapes deserves a separate tab on the Orange County main website.

  16. Rafeeq says:

    A great initiative & a great picture… waiting for more on these lines… Keep it up guys!!!

  17. S.C.Sharada says:

    There is eloquence both in the picture as well as the text. The richness in the picture quality is enhanced by the embellished language. Keep it up OCR and team !

  18. Sachin says:

    It is a really commendable effort by Orange County. I came to know about this species of pigeon through this photograph.


  19. Mihir says:

    One of the best pictures I have seen.

  20. Ravi says:



  21. Muthanna says:

    I have tried photographing this bird seen occasionally in my my estate but in vain, Surely this picture is stunningly beautiful. Well done Kiran

  22. Diwakaran Nair says:

    Nice picture and story told like anecdote. My family liked it so much. Looking forward to many such anecdotes of wildlife. Congrats and wishing you all the best in the endevour. God Bless.

  23. padma mansukhani says:

    Picture and write-up much appreciated.Kiran’s excellent photo most realistic.You should start a picture gallery of birds to look out for and which time of year.thanks.

  24. Lena Buchanan says:

    What a beautiful bird and what a great job the photographer did in capturing the wonder of this specimen. As a fellow photographer, many times we overlook the small, simple things such as a bird in the midst of a larger shot such as a wondrous landscape. As a human living life, the same is all too true – to skim the small, amazing moments and things.

    I’m a nature freak and this short article is a reminder for me to look at the beauty of God’s creation a bit more so that I can balance out the chaos of man’s creations. Although those are great too, sometimes it’s just refreshing to take in the awe of nature.


  25. kamal says:

    words cannot describe the feel u get when u see this picture . reminds me the calmness of orange county.excellent work

  26. Abdul says:


  27. rajpal navalkar says:

    Its very beautiful!and an amazing pix kiran!makes my heart feel good!

  28. Vaidy says:

    This is outstanding photography. It requires abundant patience to get such a snapshot and the photographer deserves a Honest Appreciation.


  29. B.Ashok says:

    Excellent picture in fact I would term it rare to see a dove with such rich colours. Kudos to the photographer to bring the picture to actual life. Great shot. Fantastic.

  30. Nitin Singh says:


  31. jigar Kumar says:

    The place is very very good It’s like hevan on earth ,Excellent nature and photograph ….
    we appreciate your effort in the wildlife awareness ……

    jigar kumar

  32. Varma says:

    Good Picture … Appreciate this portal and work done by Kiran …

  33. Shishir Verma says:

    I think this is a very good initiative…will help us “busy bees” who go about lifes travails in crowded cities get some respite and opportunity to connect with the soothing effects of Mother Nature.


  34. shivu.k says:

    Nice and rare bird. and good photographs…congrats to Kiran poonacha sir, and Orenge county for giving opportunity to watch this rare bird.

  35. sunil khabya says:

    Excellant picture,

  36. gopall krishna says:

    Wonderful. We always had beutiful visions of birds and butterflies at Orange County. This is excellent bird view. Even the Flora and funa at Organge County is excellemt

  37. S.D.Dhodapkar says:

    Beautiful picture of emerald dove and a very good initiative by orange county. Will be looking forward to more mails like this one in future

  38. TrueNaturalist says:

    Preserve Nature but pls don’t use Nature for marketing!

  39. Sharma says:

    Thanks to Kiran, when you look at these beautiful little creatures, I get more beleif towards the creater “god”, so lovely and de-stress your whole mind and body just watching it “nature”
    – We had been to many resorts through tiger trails & the recent one was Kurumba village resort which was very memorable
    – Sharma

  40. AB Apana says:

    An excellent initiative by Orange County!


  41. Rama Gopalakrishnan says:

    The picture is good.
    The description of the bird is best as it comes straight from the heart of a nature-lover. Beautiful content writing.
    Will certainly look forward to such interesting pieces from you.

  42. Sanjay Mehta says:

    the picture by kiran pooncha is almost like a date with this “emerald dove” is nothing less than a-la-carte for our senses that loves nature, its like invited her on a “lantana lunch” to listen to her soft moaning “coo” on our computer screens sans terra firma, if and if only i were to perform an elaborate bobbing dance-a la male dove, ha ha ha!!!

  43. jayanthi says:

    A perfect picture…says more than a thousand words

  44. Ranjana says:

    My husband and I and a group of friends had a great memorable holiday at your Coorg resort. Would love to come again. Keep up the good work of protecting and preserving the environment.

  45. kishu says:

    beautiful picture……as beautiful as coorg itself …….

  46. Neeta Kiran says:

    This picture reflects the Beauty of Coorg & Orange County …. Luv the photograph & photographer…. Good Choice…

  47. Yanni Uthappa says:

    amazing!!!!!!!….. really brings out the life in the photograph and the photographer! Great choice!!!

  48. asha vaswani says:

    Proud moment, keep it up, would like you to reach greater heights….. love, asha aunty

  49. B Ramagopal says:

    Beautiful – both the bird & the photograph. Congrats to photographer Kiran & to Orange County for thinking of a new way of keeping in touch!

  50. Ramesh says:

    Excellant picture,

  51. ramesh says:

    The place is very good for flora & fauna for wild life. Excellent photograph… impressive!

  52. Anand Leelaram says:

    I and my family had a wonderful & the most peaceful stay at your place enjoying the nature and your hospitality. Appreciate your effort in the awareness of wildlife through Lifescapes and looking forward for your regular issues of the same.

    Warm Regards,

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