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24 / Aug / 2010
Fight Club
Stripe-necked Mongoose, Kabini Photograph: Sudhir Shivaram Story: Rajesh Ramaswamy

Fight Club

If a friend were to tell you about spotting a striped predator, prowling in the undergrowth near the water bodies of Kabini, the mind would immediately go to the majestic tiger that calls these jungles home. But there is another who has earned his stripes for valour beyond the call of duty, and is as feared by his prey. Meet the courageous fighter par compare: the Stripe-necked Mongoose, the largest of the species in Asia. Most of us are familiar with the almost mythical battles between mongooses and snakes, but down here at Ground Zero, it’s an everyday reality. He’s a canny hunter of crabs, frogs, rodents and fowl, but they are plebian affairs- merely sideshows- when compared with the main spectacle: his epic battles with highly venomous snakes. Contrary to popular opinion, he isn’t immune to the venom, and could die if bitten. What stands him in good stead are his reflexes, ferocity and raw courage, as he darts in, feints and taunts his foe, almost like a matador does a raging bull. And when the snake, distracted by his rapidly moving fur, strikes, he’s just a blur and isn’t where he seemed to be, but is behind the befuddled reptile, sinking his teeth into the exposed neck. Speaking of necking, this battle hardened warrior must find romance highly amusing. For, if you hear high pitched giggles coming from the bushes, chances are that it’s our friend paying court to his lady love. Or perhaps, just perhaps, they’re only sharing a laugh about how he outwitted the serpent once again. Bragging rights in such encounters are, after all, almost always with the Stripe-necked Mongoose of Kabini.

We at Orange County have loved sharing this story with you, and shall bring you one every fortnight, as part of our Responsible Tourism Initiatives to raise awareness about the nature and culture of the environments we operate in.

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User Comments
  1. S Shrivastava says:


  2. Vidya says:

    Mangoose – a Mammal found in most parts of africa . It can attack and kill the King Cobra by crushing its skull . Its nicely captured in the above picture.

  3. roma kakkar says:

    tiger- just see the beauty of this animal

  4. vishal kapoor says:

    mongoose its the real one not the one in ipl

  5. Mir Farooq Ali says:

    You want a piece of me????

  6. Alok Chandra says:

    Watch a terrific video of a mongoose fighting a cobra at

    No idea whether these lovely animals can cope with a King Cobra – much larger than the smaller Spectacled Cobra

  7. saurabh setth says:

    See the Red nose.

  8. K.S.Ravi says:

    It’s a mini miniature of wild sanctuaries.Keep going.

  9. Markus Baumann says:

    Dear Emanuel,
    I love that story – it made my day !!!!
    Markus Baumann (also known as booms)
    Heinz Müller & Co. AG

  10. Pradip Dey says:

    Dear sir,
    Thanks for your beautiful wildlife pics and your warm regards.
    I really enjoy the pics. Keep sending
    kind regards,
    Chef Pradip

  11. B.Lakshminarayana says:

    Beautiful photograph.

  12. Paramita Das says:

    Glorified stare

  13. Atindra C Mohan says:

    Fantastic picture!

  14. Binish Saad says:

    Tiger at sight still enough beauty to hide!!

  15. Dr.Jayan Thomas says:

    Great snap and an interesting story.

  16. Devarajan says:

    Fantastic !

  17. robert mburu says:

    that’s a good catch and educative.I LOVE IT

  18. shadma mustafa says:

    firey orange is its colour and deadly is its nature

  19. Ismail Nazim says:

    Small in stature …..Deadly by nature!!!

  20. A.K.Nagaraja says:

    Beautiful. your initiatives r highly commendable . keep it up.

  21. manisha says:

    beautifully worded!it’s a pleasure to join u.not only for enviromental causes but also to read such interesting stories.

  22. Divya says:

    Looks can be deceptive…. BEWARE

  23. Ramashree says:

    Very well-written….looking fwd to the next one!

  24. Ashutosh Singh says:

    Mujhse Dosti Karoge !

  25. Ragaoo Rao says:

    Marvellous picture. Excellent informative write-up and narration.

  26. Bhanu says:

    As usual, another brilliant piece of capturing the wild in words and picture!

  27. vimala says:

    Behind the facade lies the show of valour

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