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27 / Nov / 2013
Pure Joy!
Pure Awards 2013 Photograph: Pure Life Experiences Story: Rajesh Ramaswamy

Pure Joy!

We, at Lifescapes have always known that you are the wind under our wings; we fly higher and farther because you’re always there to constantly support, critique and encourage us. You’ll be happy to know that we have once again vindicated your faith in us by winning one of the world’s most coveted awards, the PURE AWARDS 2013, at Marrakech, Morocco.

PURE Life Experiences is the finest Experiential Travel fair in the world. Over 500 hand-picked, experiential travel brands from across the globe, delivering experiences ranging from Space Travel to Swimming with the ‘Great Whites’, converge at Marrakech each year. Participation is by invitation only.

The PURE AWARDS was constituted in 2013 to recognize the best of the best in the high-end Experiential Travel industry, celebrating those brave enough to really push boundaries and create life-enriching experiences worthy of the hefty ‘transformational’ label.

This year, Lifescapes, by Orange County Resorts was the proud recipient of the ‘Most Original Marketing Campaign’ award at the PURE AWARDS 2013. At this time, we’d like to thank our master storyteller Rajesh Ramaswamy and all those wonderful photographers who have enriched us with their lens craft, and the Lifescapes team that put in the hard yards, pushed the bar higher, and constantly burned the proverbial midnight oil to ensure nothing but the best reached you every fortnight.

The panellists for the PURE AWARDS included some of the most inspiring and influential visionaries, such as Edward Norton – Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer and numerous Award-winner.

We at Orange County have loved sharing this story with you, and shall bring you one every fortnight, as part of our Responsible Tourism Initiatives to raise awareness about the nature and culture of the environments we operate in.

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User Comments
  1. orangecounty says:

    We truly appreciate all your wishes on this bit of happy news and hope you continue to enjoy our stories from the Spirit of the land.

  2. Vinay shah says:

    Excellent achivement by orange county …. Gr8 news for us as regular member of your property… Thanks

  3. Lovely Devaya says:

    Congratulations … and very well done 🙂

  4. The Traveling Gecko says:

    Congratulations to the entire team!!!





    YOU DESERVE IT, we always enjoy reading LIFESCAPES.


  6. Mona Desai says:

    Many Congratulations!!!

    Wishing you greater and continued success.

    My family and I have enjoyed our visit to Orange county and cherish our memories. We hope we can visit again someday but in the meantime look forward to and continue to enjoy your fortnightly mails.

    All the best and congratulations once again to the entire team.

    Mona Desai

  7. javaji srinivasalu says:


  8. Selvarajan, Ravikumar says:

    Congratulations Orange County… Go, Go, Go!!!

  9. Vibha Ganesan says:

    Congratulations and may many more such awards keep coming your way

  10. Mike McHugo says:

    Congratulations on this …you must be very proud.

  11. shivu.k Kalaiah says:

    Congratulation Orange county…

  12. [email protected] says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on winning the PURE Awards in Marrakech – well done!
    I look forward to visiting your properties in 2014

    Kind regards

  13. shabby diacare says:

    Congrats on the award

  14. shy says:

    Many many congratulations! well deserved. Just looking at the picture you put out there bring ‘pure joy’ to our souls. Keep up the good work!

  15. M.Victor says:

    When the nature starts to shower you with the Blessing there is no limit,Wising the whole Orange county team for more sucess

  16. Ravi Acharya says:

    Thank you for sharing the good news. I heartily felicitate you all for time and efforts well spent. The metaphor you used in your email is magical. Keep it up!

  17. Mahendra Haria says:

    Congratulations to the Management and the Whole Team for receiving this prestigious Awards.

    It was really a wonderful experience staying at Orange county. It was the best vacation we had and looking forward for many stays with you.

  18. abhiyogi says: deserve it!

  19. Asha Ghosh says:

    Congratulations !!! Lifescapes. You have done us proud. Here is wishing many more prestigious laurels in the coming days!

  20. B. Ramagopal says:

    Congratulations to the entire team – especially Mr Rajesh Ramaswamy & the photographers. You richly & rightly deserve the award

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