The Tuneful Thief of Coorg
5 / Oct / 2011
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

He’s small, cheerful, and is known to be a good singer, often humming a gentle tune under his breath as he goes about his business. What stands out, however, is the audience reaction to his songs, which varies from frustrated sighs, to strangulated oaths and the odd expletive tossed his way. For the paddy farmers […]

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Scaly-breasted Munia, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 13 Comments »

Yet Another Fishermans Tale
24 / Aug / 2011
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

Most of us landlubbers, would love the idea of slipping into our trunks and plunging into a pristine pool as an appetite-building precursor to a sumptuous meal. Some of our neighbours, however, like the Common Kingfisher of Coorg, have the habit of dressing for dinner before taking the plunge. The smallest of his species found […]

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Common Kingfisher, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 14 Comments »

The Alarm Clock of Coorg
27 / Jul / 2011
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

First we invite visitors to throw away their alarm clocks before coming to Coorg, so they could have a totally laid-back holiday. And then we go and provide them with our very own au naturale wake-up call that trills out unfailingly, at the crack of dawn, every day. This mellifluous two-note whistle has a special […]

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Indian Pitta, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 24 Comments »

The Scent of a Bird
29 / Jun / 2011
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

If you can’t hear the telltale rat-a-tat of someone drumming on a tree bark, or even if you can’t spot those fashionable heart patterns fluttering amidst the leaves, don’t lose heart. For, if you’re seeking Coorg’s most romantic citizen, you don’t have to look too hard. In fact, very often you don’t have to look […]

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Heart-spotted Woodpecker, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 22 Comments »

The Shower Symphony
1 / Jun / 2011
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

Most of us have a hidden spark of musical genius, often experienced by select audiences who’re left mesmerised by our lyrical effusion. Let’s not dwell on the small issue of the audience count numbering just one. For, in the world of the bathroom singer, one doesn’t allow annoying things like reality to intrude. In the […]

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White-breasted Waterhen, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 9 Comments »

The Coorg Chat Room
20 / Apr / 2011
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

While the Chateratti in the social networks swear by Facebook, MSN and Twitter, residents of Coorg have always known that theirs is the most colourful chat engine around. For, here you’ll find the avian world’s most talkative citizens and ‘live’ chat rooms behind every bush. The old dictum, ‘If speech is silver, silence is golden’, […]

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Rose-ringed Parakeet, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 21 Comments »

The Land of the Flying Sun
6 / Oct / 2010
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

Coorg is famed for the profusion of its plant life; a patchwork quilt of green, embossed with gorgeous floral patterns. Adding to this thing of beauty is a little ray of dappled sunshine that periodically flits in to embellish this tapestry by hovering over the flowers, almost as if holding a pose for posterity. Meet […]

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Loten's Sunbird, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 9 Comments »

The Grumble in the Jungle
8 / Sep / 2010
Photographed by Dr. Ajit Huilgol

It’s early morning in Coorg and you’re sitting back, eyes closed, enjoying a steaming mug of Sidapur coffee, when you hear a scratchy Ku-kayak-kyuk-kyuk sound interrupted by a familiar click, followed by a torrent of unprintable language. Chances are the former sound was a Grey Jungle Fowl pottering about for food, and the latter, a […]

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Grey Junglefowl, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 14 Comments »

The Scent of a Woman
14 / Jul / 2010
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

If one were to go by the adverts we see on TV, women who use a certain brand of perfume can have it all: an alluringly fragrant presence, supreme self confidence, and unlimited male attention. In Coorg however, there’s one lady who makes her own fragrance and uses it quite liberally, both as a body […]

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Common Hoopoe, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 23 Comments »

The hen that eats eggs!
2 / Jun / 2010
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

Forget the old debate about which came first. In the swamplands of Coorg, there exists a hen that knows the answer, and as if to emphasize the point, brazenly steals and eats eggs to beat the monotony of an otherwise vegetarian diet. Cannibalism? Not really, for her taste runs to duck’s eggs which she eats […]

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Purple Swamphen, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 18 Comments »

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