The Day of the Jackal
29 / Aug / 2012
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

Bibliophiles and cinema buffs have long known ‘The Jackal’ as a furtive killer whose presence is felt only after he’s gone, leaving in his wake, a dead body or two (the real Jackal, though, doesn’t believe in leaving dead bodies behind, as we shall see). One doesn’t know if, Carlos the Jackal, the most famously […]

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Jackal, Coorg | Posted in Mammals | 13 Comments »

The Next Big Bollywood Musician!
27 / Jun / 2012
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

We all know what it took some of our reigning deities to arrive on the Bollywood music scene: a little talent, and the not-so-little ability to be ‘inspired’ by others’ compositions. I mean, how many times have we seen narcissistic composers lapping up all the credit for a hit song without even batting a false […]

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Oriental Magpie-Robin, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 4 Comments »

Sirsasana Ver 2.0!
23 / May / 2012
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

What do you call someone who hangs around upside down, and prefers to descend a tree, head first? Is this another transcendental yogi, or just someone ripe for the local loony bin? Consider also, that this is someone who keeps urging you to ‘sit, sit, sit’, and then tweets a ‘chip, chip, chip’, and you […]

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Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 13 Comments »

An Echo in the Woods!
7 / Mar / 2012
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

If the sheer beauty of Coorg moves you to poetry, and you feel like spouting a few verses aloud when you think you’re alone, you’d be wise to think twice. Chances are, you may not be as alone as you thought, and may hear your words thrown back at you, often with added acoustics in […]

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Common Myna, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 16 Comments »

The Tipplers Hangout!
8 / Feb / 2012
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monappa

There aren’t too many places where junior citizens can wet their beaks, but if you’re suitably small (preferably below 14 cm, like those check-in baggage specs at airports), decked out in green with a crimson or orange tail-piece, and are spiffily turned out with a formal blue scarf (dress code for guys only; the broads […]

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Vernal Hanging Parrot, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 10 Comments »

The Chuckling Assassin of Coorg!
25 / Jan / 2012
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

He’s very successful at his vocation, but the White-throated Kingfisher of Coorg is definitely not one of those brooding, silent killers so beloved of Hitchcock fans; he prefers to announce his presence with a loud chuckle or a staccato laugh that suggests he’s not short of gallows humour, even if the joke’s lost on his […]

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White-throated Kingfisher, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 12 Comments »

The Bearded Bandit of Coorg!
11 / Jan / 2012
Photographed by Samyak Kaninde

Being mugged is every traveller’s nightmare. Being mugged and then consumed as the main course in a mugger’s banquet, is the stuff that makes it to the horror movie hall of fame. But being killed and converted into a Smoothie to be slurped at leisure, takes the (dis)honours and is certainly not something you’d like […]

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Robber Fly, Coorg | Posted in Insects | 8 Comments »

A Pharmacy in a Flower!
14 / Dec / 2011
Photographed by Samyak Kaninde

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest pharmacist of them all? Just meander along the bejeweled emerald aisles of Coorg, and the answer will leave you in no doubt. After all, which other apothecary is so cheerful and inviting, bedecked in brilliant shades of yellow and red, reaching out majestically with wispy green tendrils? […]

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Glory Lily, Coorg | Posted in Flora | 11 Comments »

The Polyglot Policeman of Coorg!
30 / Nov / 2011
Photographed by Dr. Bishen Monappa

You hear a Babbler issuing a shrill warning from behind a bush. Then you hear the sudden alarm call of a Thrush. What follows is a cacophony of vociferous voices in various bird languages, much like a plenary session of the United Nations. Where the lay observer would expect to find an agitated avian congregation, […]

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Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 11 Comments »

Coffee by the Meter!
2 / Nov / 2011
Photographed by Ganesh H Shankar

The measure of a good coffee in South India is often a function of the ‘lengths’ to which the coffee maker is prepared to go to mix his concoction. The man seen here, nonchalantly drawing a meter-long string of decoction and milk, from one arm to the other, is a minor celebrity of sorts in […]

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Meter Coffee, Coorg | Posted in Culture | 12 Comments »

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