The Macedonians of Madikeri
27 / Jan / 2010
Photographed by Balan Madhavan

Legend has it that they are the remnants of Alexander’s army, who stayed on in India, when the conqueror marched back to Macedonia. The Puranas claim that the Kodavas are the children of the river goddess, Cauvery, whose waters irrigate the very soul of Coorg. Whatever their provenance, these hardy sentinels of the hills are […]

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Kodava Couple, Coorg | Posted in Culture | 15 Comments »

The Lost Emperor
13 / Jan / 2010
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

He may be the monarch of all he surveys, but this is one member of the avian royalty who’d much rather avoid the spotlight, thank you! No flashbulbs, no glitzy ‘coming out’ balls, and definitely no obliging those pesky jungle paparazzi, no matter how noble their intentions. If you want a glimpse, much less a […]

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Black-naped Monarch, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 26 Comments »

For your eyes only!
18 / Nov / 2009
Photographed by Vijay Rao

Very few people have seen this sleek, green beauty up close. Those who do manage it haven’t seen her again. Or seen again, if one were to go by a popular myth in southern India. For the green vine snake is reckoned to strike you blind with her arrow-like head if you poke your nose, […]

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Green Vine Snake, Coorg | Posted in Reptiles | 25 Comments »

Gone with the Wind
21 / Oct / 2009
Photographed by Shivu K

How does one tell the men from the boys? The good from the bad? The villains from the heroes? Simple! A Coorg paddy farmer would tell you to just get them all together, and give them a good thrashing (or ‘threshing’ as the politically correct term goes). This will cause the straw to stalk off, […]

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Winnowing, Coorg | Posted in Plantation | 42 Comments »

Workaholics Anonymous
30 / Sep / 2009
Photographed by Amoghavarsha

All work and no play makes Jill a good bee. And a ‘live’ bee. For it’s not unknown for the hive bosses, to knock off Worker Bees suspected to be sleeping on the job. No sir… it just won’t do. There’s a lot of work to be done. Hives to be built, honey to be […]

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Worker Bee, Coorg | Posted in Insects | 19 Comments »

A spouse is nice, but some spice is better
16 / Sep / 2009
Photographed by Salim Pushpanath

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to his stomach has, for millennia, been a closely guarded secret. Throughout history, men and women who’ve sought to put the spice back in their lives, have depended on one rare ingredient. Pepper, that pungent and precious berry from the treasure chests […]

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Pepper, Coorg | Posted in Plantation | 13 Comments »

Bling on the Wing
19 / Aug / 2009
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

We all know about women and diamonds, but emeralds are some birds’ best friends. We are, of course, talking about the ‘Emerald’ Dove that struts around bejeweled, with her trademark emerald green under parts, accessorized with a black and grey banding on the back. The male of the species is not shy of flaunting his […]

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Emerald Dove, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 52 Comments »

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