A Picture is Worth 5000 Years!
13 / Jun / 2012
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

It’s a bond that has endured over 5000 years, through epochal moments in history and eras of relative calm that lay between the seismic cultural faults that defined human civilization. In fact, Eric Scigliano, in his iconic tome on the ‘man-animal’ bond, has propounded the theory that elephants may have been ‘nursemaids’ to human evolution, […]

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Man and Elephant, Kabini | Posted in Culture, Mammals | 14 Comments »

First You Have to Row a Little Boat…
2 / May / 2012
Photographed by Sanket Reddy

Long before Richard Bode’s bestseller on life’s little lessons, the boatmen of Kabini had learnt the selfsame ‘art of living’ in their little floating classroom: the Coracle! Living, as they did, on the banks of the Kabini, the Coracle was their friend, philosopher and guide: a constant companion as they went about the business of […]

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Coffee by the Meter!
2 / Nov / 2011
Photographed by Ganesh H Shankar

The measure of a good coffee in South India is often a function of the ‘lengths’ to which the coffee maker is prepared to go to mix his concoction. The man seen here, nonchalantly drawing a meter-long string of decoction and milk, from one arm to the other, is a minor celebrity of sorts in […]

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A Conversation with God
17 / Nov / 2010
Photographed by Ganesh H. Shankar

When you wish to speak to a god, you need a language so elevated, it beseeches Him to listen. For the Kurubas, followers of the Hindu god Shiva and the original tribal inhabitants of Kabini, there can only be one medium of communication: dance! Shiva is the cosmic dancer of the Hindu pantheon, and while […]

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Gone with the Wind
21 / Oct / 2009
Photographed by Shivu K

How does one tell the men from the boys? The good from the bad? The villains from the heroes? Simple! A Coorg paddy farmer would tell you to just get them all together, and give them a good thrashing (or ‘threshing’ as the politically correct term goes). This will cause the straw to stalk off, […]

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Winnowing, Coorg | Posted in Plantation | 42 Comments »

A spouse is nice, but some spice is better
16 / Sep / 2009
Photographed by Salim Pushpanath

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to his stomach has, for millennia, been a closely guarded secret. Throughout history, men and women who’ve sought to put the spice back in their lives, have depended on one rare ingredient. Pepper, that pungent and precious berry from the treasure chests […]

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