Fans Wanted!
3 / Mar / 2016
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

‘The Indian Peafowl, or Blue Peafowl, is a large and brightly coloured bird of the pheasant family…’ Now, if that sounded like the most boringly plebeian introduction, blame Mr. Peacock. Understatement is so alien to anything connected with the male of the species, that even facts have to find their inner muse and dress up […]

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Indian Peafowl, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 8 Comments »

Chicken 65 BC!
8 / May / 2014
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

Millennia before the advent of the Chicken 65, a dish worshipped in India and almost conferred the status of ‘national bird’, there lived a chicken that was venerated by Egyptian royalty. The Pharaoh’s Chicken was a rather peculiar bird, not least because it wasn’t even a hen to begin with. It was an Egyptian Vulture, […]

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Egyptian Vulture, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 8 Comments »

The Vice Owl!
5 / Feb / 2014
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

We have all grown up on a diet of stories about the animal kingdom, where each denizen is anointed with a descriptive tag that’s added a filter through which it has always been viewed. So, we have had the ‘greedy’ pig, the ‘cunning’ fox, the ‘majestic’ lion… all immortalized through the good offices of comicdom. […]

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Indian Eagle Owl, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 12 Comments »

About Tern!
6 / Jun / 2013
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

At the outset, we’d like to apologise for not having the will power to resist using this particular caption for this week’s story. It was just so deliciously tempting that we couldn’t help but dive right in to come up with the most obvious pun in the world! But hey…since this fortnight’s piece is ‘about […]

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River Tern, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 10 Comments »

A Bird in the Clock…
8 / May / 2013
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

If you’re a Dunnock, Pipit or a Eurasian Reed Warbler, you could be excused for walking around with a slightly confused expression. We empathise with the Warbler mom who lovingly tends to her eggs, and watches proudly as they hatch only to have one of the hatchlings respond to her maternal entreaties with a ‘cuckoo’ […]

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Common Cuckoo, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 4 Comments »

Pirate Spotted in Kabini!
20 / Mar / 2013
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

How would you feel when you’ve spent a long time sussing out your prey, before successfully hunting it down, and flying home happily with the spoils, only to have doom strike down from the skies, cheating you of your hard-earned meal? You’d feel very much like the Black-shouldered Kite which lost out to a fellow […]

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Indian Spotted Eagle, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 6 Comments »

The Three Wise Men from the East!
13 / Feb / 2013
Photographed by Ganesh H. Shankar

Since antiquity, owls and owlets have fascinated mankind, and different societies have invested in them an almost mythical veneer of wisdom or, depending on their cultural moorings, a darker, more malignant intelligence. While the veneration of the ‘wise owl’ has its provenance in western culture in the legend of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom […]

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Spotted Owlet, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 8 Comments »

Fisherman’s Friend!
29 / Nov / 2012
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

We all know how it is with fishermen and tall tales,and how the fish they caught last summer gets bigger and bigger with every retelling. So when you hunker down with some bubbly by the banks of the Kabini, and an old fisherman saunters up, fixes you with a beady eye, and tells you about […]

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Little Cormorant, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 3 Comments »

A Jungle Whodunit!
15 / Nov / 2012
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

If you’re holidaying in Kabini, and have settled down on a hammock with your favourite murder mystery, the last thing you’re looking forward to, is someone trying to loudly second guess the name of the murderer. What’s more irritating than being subjected to a loud refrain of “did he do it…did he do it?” is […]

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Red-wattled Lapwing, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 2 Comments »

The Hayabusa Ver 1.0!
8 / Aug / 2012
Photographed by Sanket Reddy

For all you bike aficionados, we don’t have to spell it out. The iconic Hayabusa is quite simply, the top dog in the superbike speed stakes. While the Busa has been around (ok, ok…we agree that at 200 mph, it doesn’t just sit ‘around’) since 1999, the original version has been racing for a small […]

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Peregrine Falcon, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 7 Comments »

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