And quiet flows the Kabini…
5 / May / 2010
Photographed by Giri Cavale

There comes a time in the lives of even the mightiest forces, when it’s not all about that relentless charge towards their destiny. This is a time to ease off, and reflect; to pull back and gather your strength about you, and not proclaim your majesty in full voice. This is the time when your […]

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Sambar Deer crossing, Kabini | Posted in Landscapes | 24 Comments »

Whistler in the Woods
7 / Apr / 2010
Photographed by Jayanth Sharma

One doesn’t know if it’s a sign of innate good cheer, or just a touch of genetic flirtatiousness, but there’s one denizen of the Kabini wetlands who always announces his arrival by whistling a happy tune. Not just a normal, workmanlike toot-toot, but a properly melodious three note composition, with the final note pitched high […]

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Lesser Whistling Duck, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 35 Comments »

A turtle by any other name…
10 / Mar / 2010
Photographed by Dr. Ajit Huilgol

So what’s in a name? After all, a turtle is a tortoise is a terrapin! But not if you were Australian. Down under, they only have tortoises, irrespective of where they’re from. In America, tortoises own the land and all aquatic tenants are called turtles. The British, finicky as ever, have the naming down to […]

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Indian Pond Terrapin, Kabini | Posted in Reptiles | 16 Comments »

Tea and Snakes served here!
24 / Feb / 2010
Photographed by Kiran Poonacha

If you’ve ever wandered off the urban jungle into the hinterland of India, chances are you’d have been assailed with sign boards and menus that shocked the palate and tickled the funny bone, albeit inadvertently. Pride of place probably goes to the all too common boards outside wayside eating joints with signs reading, ‘Tea and […]

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Short-toed Snake Eagle, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 25 Comments »

Sting Operation!
30 / Dec / 2009
Photographed by Jayanth Sharma

There’s nothing undercover about this sting operation. It’s all above board, very public, and cruelly exposes the pretentions of dangerous denizens like Messrs. Bee, Wasp & Hornet, and the limitations of their supposedly invincible weaponry. The main theatre of operation is the lush expanse of Kabini, where the Blue-tailed Bee-eaters are the designated super sleuths […]

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Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 24 Comments »

A Cow in Goat’s Clothing
16 / Dec / 2009
Photographed by Shivu K

You are looking at a picture of Kabini’s most prized cows. Now, now…hold your horses! Before you think we’ve been grazing on a different kind of ‘grass’, allow us to clarify. Goats, in much of rural India, are considered the ‘poor man’s cow’, and Kabini is no exception to this belief. A herd of just […]

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Goats, Kabini | Posted in Mammals | 32 Comments »

2 / Dec / 2009
Photographed by Ganesh H. Shanker

If the marketing whiz kids at those multinational companies could just brand and sell them, the Small Pratincoles of Kabini would probably be their No.1 bestsellers, at least with harassed housewives looking for deliverance from termites and bugs. These grey little shore birds are perhaps the most efficient insect hunters around, and are so confident […]

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Small Pratincole, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 11 Comments »

The Case of the Dog that didn’t bark
4 / Nov / 2009
Photographed by Jayanth Sharma

It could be an affirmation of the old adage that barking dogs never bite, for the Dhole, or wild dogs of Kabini, are examples of the converse being true, and are never known to bark. But then, why would one want to bark when you have over five caller tunes to stay in touch? The […]

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Dhole, Kabini | Posted in Mammals | 20 Comments »

The Chameleon that ate a Deer
8 / Oct / 2009
Photographed by Giri Cavale

A leopard can’t change colour. Period. And we’ve always been told he can’t change his spots. Yet he qualifies as the Chameleon of the Big Cat family. The reason isn’t hard to see…he is! Trying to spot a leopard, when he doesn’t want to be seen, is like looking for one particular needle in a […]

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Leopard, Kabini | Posted in Mammals | 37 Comments »

Honey, I shrunk the bird!
23 / Sep / 2009
Photographed by Ganesh H. Shankar

He’s small. Very small. But, size apart, there’s nothing little about this plover. This low flying sentinel of the wetlands is a lot of bird in a small frame, with a large bag of tricks up his sleeve. Consider, for starters, the patented ‘Broken Wing Feint’. When danger threatens his nest, he pretends to have […]

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Little Ringed Plover, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 21 Comments »

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