Fight Club
24 / Aug / 2010
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

If a friend were to tell you about spotting a striped predator, prowling in the undergrowth near the water bodies of Kabini, the mind would immediately go to the majestic tiger that calls these jungles home. But there is another who has earned his stripes for valour beyond the call of duty, and is as […]

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Stripe-necked Mongoose, Kabini | Posted in Mammals | 27 Comments »

Limited Edition Anniversary Model
11 / Aug / 2010
Photographed by Giri Cavale

Meet the most magnificent specimen that’s rolled out of God’s evolutionary factory. Custom built to be the ultimate moving force in his environment, the Royal Bengal Tiger of Nagarhole doesn’t just have looks that can kill, but the tools that can too. When you check out this model of feline grace and power, take your […]

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Tiger, Kabini | Posted in Mammals | 864 Comments »

The Weatherman of Coorg
27 / Jul / 2010
Photographed by Vijay Rao

Most of us have grown up to develop a very healthy dose of cynicism about most things in life. While the promises and peccadilloes of our politicians is at one end, the bumbling fallibilities of our weather forecasters is at the other, and rarely fails to bring a smile that both mocks and forgives in […]

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Malabar Pit Viper, Coorg | Posted in Reptiles | 44 Comments »

The Scent of a Woman
14 / Jul / 2010
Photographed by Dr. Bishan Monnappa

If one were to go by the adverts we see on TV, women who use a certain brand of perfume can have it all: an alluringly fragrant presence, supreme self confidence, and unlimited male attention. In Coorg however, there’s one lady who makes her own fragrance and uses it quite liberally, both as a body […]

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Common Hoopoe, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 23 Comments »

Dancing in the rain
30 / Jun / 2010
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

Think of the monsoons and the mind goes to svelte Bollywood sirens gyrating to songs with a subliminal suggestion of fertility rites. At the very least, the mind’s eye conjures up images of the glitterati of the animal kingdom – those proud peacocks strutting their stuff and serenading the rains. One doesn’t often use the […]

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Elephant in the rain, Kabini | Posted in Landscapes | 22 Comments »

How to kill two birds with one stone!
16 / Jun / 2010
Photographed by Dr. Ajit Huilgol

Meet a bird that not only teaches us the virtue of waiting, but also how to perform seemingly impossible tricks: catching two fish with one beak, for starters. What we see in the picture is a large Grey Heron poised dramatically over a shallow stretch of the Kabini River, plunging his beak in as a […]

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Grey Heron, Kabini | Posted in Birds | 24 Comments »

The hen that eats eggs!
2 / Jun / 2010
Photographed by Sudhir Shivaram

Forget the old debate about which came first. In the swamplands of Coorg, there exists a hen that knows the answer, and as if to emphasize the point, brazenly steals and eats eggs to beat the monotony of an otherwise vegetarian diet. Cannibalism? Not really, for her taste runs to duck’s eggs which she eats […]

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Purple Swamphen, Coorg | Posted in Birds | 18 Comments »

The farmer who bites his cattle
19 / May / 2010
Photographed by Ganesh H. Shankar

The pastoral society of Kabini is the stage where an intrepid breed of farmers herds their cattle right under the noses of large predators who are none the wiser for the event. Perhaps it helps that the ‘cattle’, in this Lilliputian saga, are no larger than a grain of rice, and their minders aren’t much […]

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Honey ant and aphids, Kabini | Posted in Insects | 44 Comments »

And quiet flows the Kabini…
5 / May / 2010
Photographed by Giri Cavale

There comes a time in the lives of even the mightiest forces, when it’s not all about that relentless charge towards their destiny. This is a time to ease off, and reflect; to pull back and gather your strength about you, and not proclaim your majesty in full voice. This is the time when your […]

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Sambar Deer crossing, Kabini | Posted in Landscapes | 24 Comments »

Can you spot the beach in the picture?
21 / Apr / 2010
Photographed by TNA Perumal

Forget Cannes, Ibiza, Jamaica, Rio and other playgrounds of the sun worshipping jet set. Some of the world’s most beautiful bodies are to be found sunbathing in the hills and vales of Coorg. While the strips in the south of France and the Caribbean have their acolytes, discerning members of the animal bourgeois find their […]

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Baronet Butterfly, Coorg | Posted in Insects | 19 Comments »

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