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20 / Apr / 2011
The Coorg Chat Room
Rose-ringed Parakeet, Coorg
Kiran Poonacha

The Coorg Chat Room

While the Chateratti in the social networks swear by Facebook, MSN and Twitter, residents of Coorg have always known that theirs is the most colourful chat engine around. For, here you’ll find the avian world’s most talkative citizens and ‘live’ chat rooms behind every bush. The old dictum, ‘If speech is silver, silence is golden’, is irrelevant out here, where there’s more value appended to silver-tongued oratory. And they sure don’t come more oratorical than the Rose-ringed Parakeet. These gregarious birds can talk, and how! They talk incessantly to their friends. They talk to themselves. They even talk lucidly to us, and in our own tongue, to boot. One should always remember to mind one’s language among these speech-mimics, for it’s not uncommon to find huge mobs of Parakeets swearing raucously at a predator, having arrived in response to an SOS from a nesting couple. Invariably the haranguing works and the enemy beats a hasty retreat, red-faced after a barrage of invective that’d make a sailor blush. While these birds have a large fan list, the local farmers are definitely not on them. For Parakeets often descend in swarms to raid ripening crops and fruit, jabbering away as they lay waste to their fields. The only time Parakeets are vulnerable, is during a ludicrous courtship ritual where the male feeds and caresses his lady-love, before backing away and posturing with wings partially open, clawing the air, as if beckoning her. This is when the smart farmer quietly creeps up and lets out a bellow of laughter, thus getting a small measure of revenge. While we’d have immediately tweeted our tale of Courtus Interruptus, one wonders if Twitter may not be the Parakeet version of Hell. For, how can any self-respecting orator be expected to express herself in merely 140 characters?

We at Orange County have loved sharing this story with you, and shall bring you one every fortnight, as part of our Responsible Tourism Initiatives to raise awareness about the nature and culture of the environments we operate in.

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User Comments
  1. Vinay Singh says:


  2. Anu Elisha says:

    Fantastic photograph! 😉

  3. lechu says:

    Wonderful click by Kiran. So lively write up. Hats off.

  4. Ved Prakash T Nagpal says:

    Amazing and wonderful photograph.Thank you

  5. lakshmi vasudevan says:

    The gorgeous image and the delectable write up has brought a big smile on my face.The hidden designer in me is visualising a beautiful garment in these vibrant colours.Inspiration is all over…

  6. Sneha B says:


  7. Vikram Nanjappa says:

    The Rose Ringed Parakeet’s nest is an unlined hollow in a tree trunk, usually some small natural hole cut and enlarged by the birds to size, or preferably a ready-made nest hole of Barbets or Woodpeckers at any height between 3 to 10 meters. Holes in rock scarps and walls of ruined buildings and ancient forts are freely occupied, many pairs often nesting close to each other in a loose colony. Both sexes participate in cutting the nest hole but incubation is done entirely by the female.Truly fascinating birds !

  8. Kannan .K.V. says:

    Superb photography which has captured the Parakeet in all its amazingly colourful glory.And if they do start mimicking the writer of this article their chatter would turn to high quality prose &poetry. Congratulations and keep it up!!!

    • Rajesh Ramaswamy says:

      Thanx so much for your continuing support Mr Kanan. It sure inspires us all to keep pushing the bar ever higher:-)

  9. Diwakaran Nair says:

    Awesome! I don’t now if you even realize how the whole lifescapes series is becoming like a masterpiece…why don’t u make a book from it? Amazing stories built around wonderful pictures…thanx again!

    • Jose Ramapuram says:

      Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments Mr. Nair. You have been such an inspiration to us from the 1st issue of Lifescapes :). By the way, we certainly see a book looming on the horizon :).

    • Rajesh Ramaswamy says:

      Like Jose said, your comments have always inspired us, Mr Nair. A big thanx from the entire Lifescapes team:-)

  10. Santokh Kalra says:

    Lovely picture. thanks a lot.

  11. veena jayaprakash says:

    kudos to the piece of writing that appears along with the wonderful pictures, each time. Somebody out there has an excellent repertoire of English and an inimitable, vivid style.

  12. rajesh rajoo says:

    loved reading every word. it’s for the writing i come back again and again.

  13. Ganesh H. Shankar says:

    Lovely colors and a nice image Kiran !

  14. Ajit K Huilgol says:

    A lovely image, as we have now come to expect from Kiran Poonacha, and a beautiful write-up.

    • Rajesh Ramaswamy says:

      Thanx Ajit. Coming froma master lensman like you, I’m sure Kiran’s pretty chuffed. As is yours truly:-)

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