Evolve Back: Stories from Orange County Resorts

About Local Heroes

The evolution of man, is a vibrantly unfolding story in time and space. Every human life is a story etched in varied hues: joyful and sad, imaginative and inspiring, expectant and eventful.

Stories are bridges. They connect strangers, cement friendships, ease differences and foster understanding.

Local Heroes is a new and inspired effort from us to bring to you enriching and endearing stories about what it means to be deeply and passionately human. They are stories of people and their intimate relationships with the land they belong to. We explore this deep union through insightful and moving video and photo essays that pay homage to the Spirit of the land – the bedrock of our ethos and vision.

In essence, Local Heroes is a tribute to the defining qualities of dignity, simplicity, passion, creativity, and adventure that crown every human life, rendered in this series of short but intimate photo and video narratives. Its mission is to instil in us a respect and love for elemental life, driven by passion and guided by simplicity, by getting you to pause and wonder at a world beyond your work desk.

We wish it will also stir in us a desire to evolve into better humans and more responsible stewards of the land that sustains us all.