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Dare to Dream

Kanthi Aneesh is a woman of many parts – an inspiring team leader, resourceful bookkeeper, energetic employee, dedicated social worker, supportive daughter and devoted mother. She is the face of the new woman in the workplace – strong yet sensitive, focused yet open, soaring yet grounded at the same time.

A day one employee, joining the company 20 years ago as an accounts assistant, she is now the General Manager of Orange County, Coorg, leading a team of 300 individuals and mapping out bold strategies for its future. This is the tale of a simple village girl who dared to dream herself into a big new life.

Local Heroes is our ongoing journey to bring to you captivating stories about our land and its people; a symbiosis that we explore and celebrate through expressive and uplifting video and photo essays every month. We believe this Responsible Tourism Initiative will cause you to see 'evolution' in a new light.

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User Comments

  1. Sanjeevareddi J says:

    Best example of a journey… which says a committed work will take you to a greater extent in life..
    Congrats to Mrs. Kanthi Aneesh..


  2. Dilip N Parekh says:

    Great achievement! I had been to Coorg and Kabini and your all staff is all the time ready to serve. When such a great lady and support from your management then only you can deliver the goods.


    Very inspiring story of a very dedicated employee. I am sure at Orange County the owners are equally dedicated and trust their employees to get the best out of them. All the Best Kanthi.

  4. SAMIR SHAH says:

    I somehow got a good feeling that the leadership of the resort was in the hands of an able employee of 20 years, Kanthi Aneesh, who would know the organisation from its roots. Her personality emits a quiet confidence which reassures us of running an organisation with an open outlook that ensures satisfaction of the resort guests.
    Must visit the facility some day.

  5. Aaditya says:

    Amazing story!

  6. shy says:

    Inspiring video to watch. Great job Kanthi and wish you continued success!
    Good on you Orange County to give opportunity to all!
    Best Wishes!

  7. Ganesh H.R 73 says:

    Great journey Madam Kanthi. God Bless you from Activities Team, Orange County Resort, Coorg.
    we really proud to work under you

    Ganesh HR,
    Asst. Manager – Activities.

  8. G k singh says:

    Very nice place as dream

  9. S.chandru says:

    Very thoughtful seeing this clip. She worked really hard for what she is now and deserves it.
    Great going for so many years.
    And taking it ahead, here’s wishing you more success and a great future ahead.

  10. Jayesh shah says:

    Congrats Kanthi – you have been rewarded for your dedicated work & strong ability & positive approach towards your work which shows your confidence & attitude – great job – great story of success & achivments – all the best to you for your & the coming future of Orange County…..

  11. Chandrika Reddy says:

    This is a marvellous story and an eye opener for many ladies who are wanting to come up in life and this will dare many women to dream big. Thanks a tonne for sharing this story and wish Ms. Kanthi Aneesh all the very best and to inspire many others.

  12. Ravi Malpani says:

    Amazing and Inspiring!!!!
    Wish you and you’re whole team a grand success as always !!!

  13. Neha Shah says:

    Congratulations Ma’am,
    Hearty wishes you for long professional life.

    Neha Shah & Mihir Shah

  14. Angelee Deodhar says:

    Thank you for this wonderful inspiring video. Well done Mrs. Kanthi Aneesh!

    Best Wishes,

  15. Lijo Paul says:

    Dear Ms.Kanthi Aneesh & Family Members of Orange County,

    It’s indeed a pleasure & Here I’m taking this opportunity to thank Mrs.Kanthi Aneesh & the entire team members for sharing the motivational video which helps us to think in a positive manner & reaching the heights through hard-work with a great leadership using great team members. As its mentioned, the employees are the key success & strength of an organization which can be created only through leadership & with great care.
    We wish you all the success & great days, goodness in your future business endeavours.

  16. M P Karthi says:

    An inspiring video every woman should see.


  17. Durai Subramaniam says:

    Best Wishes to Kanthi Aneesh,
    Inspiring individual. Congratulations!

    Durai Subramaniam

  18. Vinayak K Siddhanti says:

    Good evening Orange County,

    Dare to Dream is truly inspirational. Many congratulations to Ms. Kanthi Aneesh! And Kudos to Orange County who created the dream. I had a wonderful experience at your resort when I visited in 2011. My son is fan of Orange County. We always cherish our memories whenever we see your resort aired on Travel XP channel. All the best!!

    Best Regards,
    Vinayak K Siddhanti

  19. Bhupi Singh says:

    I salute the great lady. What a nice way to honour a dedicated person. God Bless You and our efforts. Best way to enjoy the hospitality is to come back sometime to Orange County, Coorg.

    Bhupi Singh & Rita

  20. Jayne Davis says:

    Lovely to see and hear of ones success.
    Congratulations and continued happiness.

  21. Padmini says:

    Fantastic story. Super woman. Congratulations

  22. P.T. Bopanna says:

    Very inspiring. From a very ordinary social background, Kanthi has come up in life the hard way. The credit should go to Orange County for recognising local talent

  23. Pervin Shivji says:

    I feel privileged to have started my career at Orange County Coorg on the same day as Kanthi in Dec 1994.You have grown to what you are today, Kanthi, only because of your honest approach to work, dedication & above all loyalty to your company. I am so very proud to know you. Keep up the great work you are doing & I wish you the very best in both your personal & professional life. God bless you.

  24. K.S.Shetty says:

    Sheer hard work and dedication has taken Ms Kanthi to these heights!

  25. Thejas Thomas says:

    Thank for theis wounderful inspireing videi.and Best wish you an all tem orange county

  26. H m Desai says:

    All of best great memories

  27. Andrew George Varghese says:

    God bless you Kanthi for your perseverance in getting to where you are now. You are leading by your example of not only your grit, but also living those qualities with joy. Congratulations and may your son and your fellow employees copy your “original”! May He bless your efforts through Orange County Resorts, Coorg receiving many more accolades!