Evolve Back: Stories from Orange County Resorts


The human experience of an elevated state occurs when we free ourselves from the constraints of routine and expectation. Nature and the Wild can trigger this state of heightened presence, where all our senses come alive and bestow upon us a feeling of total being, sparking the imagination, restoring inner harmony… leading to a state of being at peace with ourselves!

Dr. Bishan Monappa is a man of many parts. He is a busy surgeon and a passionate wildlife photographer in his spare time. Discover how being one with nature replenishes his spirit and elevates his soul.

Local Heroes is our ongoing journey to bring to you captivating stories about our land and its people; a symbiosis that we explore and celebrate through expressive and uplifting video and photo essays every month. We believe this Responsible Tourism Initiative will cause you to see 'evolution' in a new light.

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    excellent pictures

    1. Dr.Bishan says:

      Thanks Sriram .:)

  2. Ravi Acharya says:

    Dear Dr. Bishan,

    First of all let me felicitate you for having broken the chains that most of us wear and interminably run ‘the rat race’. We have no time to smell the roses.

    If I may borrow the words of William Wordsworth from his poem ‘Upon west minster bridge’
    “ What is this life full of care,
    We’ve not time to stand and stare”.

    I had been Orange County and for a few days I too experienced the exhilaration of ‘feelings of freedom’. I am happy for you that you can pursue your passion for photography.

    I had received the ‘Lifescapes’ from Orange County. It is indeed a great pleasure meeting the person behind the presentation.

    I used to label myself as avid aficionado of wildlife. Now I know what it takes to wear that label. I salute you.

    Good LucK! God’s Speed!

    Ravi Acharya

    1. Dr.Bishan says:

      Dear Ravi Acharya,

      Touched by your Kind words.

      To quote William Wordsworth again, One of my favourite ,
      From…Retrospect–Love Of Nature Leading To Love Of Man.

      Thus from a very early age, O Friend!
      My thoughts by slow gradations had been drawn
      To human-kind, and to the good and ill
      Of human life: Nature had led me on;
      And oft amid the ‘busy hum’ I seemed
      To travel independent of her help,
      As if I had forgotten her; but no,
      The world of human-kind outweighed not hers
      In my habitual thoughts; the scale of love,
      Though filling daily, still was light, compared
      With that in which ‘her’ mighty objects lay.


  3. Manish Mehta says:

    Very small film. Should have showed his pics on the film also.

  4. John cummings says:

    Watching the video, seeing the wonderful wildlife, takes me back to Coorg. I relive those wonderful days tramping through the brush, looking for elephants. Enjoying the evenings with great food and local dancers. The spirit of Orange County resorts transfers me with each message and photograph. Thanks for letting me relive these wonderful moments.

    John Cummings

  5. Lepeudry Véronique says:

    What a wonderful video! and more, how lucky you to be aware af what you need to be in peace, in harmony with mother earth! beautiful India…clever people…

  6. Andrew Samuel says:

    Excellent..by watching this wonderful video of Dr.Bhishan Monnappa,..I really felt my soul elevated and I am so at peace.

  7. G.L. BHARDWAJ(86 YEARS YOUNG) says:


  8. Dr Chandrasekhar says:

    Dear dr bishan, am an avid nature watcher too and since I get mails from Orange County I follow your work..Photography is something I enjoy too and your words in the video just echoed my thoughts as it will for anyone who watches your video and follows your work…truly inspiring …

    1. Dr.Bishan says:

      Dr Chandrashekar,
      The pleasure is mine.Do let us know on your next visit to Orange County. It would be great to get acquainted.

      1. Dr chandrashekar says:

        Sure sir will do..it would be great to meet up with you.one of my friends introduced me to dr ponnappa (dentist) who spoke about your work and offered to introduce me to you and needless to say I was thrilled.i am a dentist too in Coimbatore and spend a lot of time in the masinagudi -bandipur area..will surely let u know.thank u!

  9. Suchindra C says:

    Excellent video sir

  10. Rashmi Aiyappa says:

    My faith in nature is reinforced, my love for nature is rejuvenated. Thanks to the pictures and the narration.

  11. vikas says:

    excellent pictures sir i love wildlife photography

  12. terri lewis says:

    this video is really well put together! thx and for all the wonderful photos that you take and share with us all. much appreciated!