Evolve Back: Stories from Orange County Resorts

The Journey is the Destination

A bullock cart ride is a transcendent experience. It compacts time and history into a self defining event. It expands your imagination even as it slows you down to be suspended firmly in the present. A bullock cart is a time capsule, reminding us of a time when life was slower and the better for it. When the pace was purposeful, and not rushed. When travel was not defined by arrival, but by the passion of discovery through the luxury of a leisurely journey.

Local Heroes is our ongoing journey to bring to you captivating stories about our land and its people; a symbiosis that we explore and celebrate through expressive and uplifting video and photo essays every month. We believe this Responsible Tourism Initiative will cause you to see 'evolution' in a new light.

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User Comments

  1. uttam khajanchi says:

    nature is beautiful

  2. Shruthika says:

    The Journey is the Destination… loved it!! both the photo and the message..

  3. uttam khajanchi says:


  4. Jayne Davis says:

    Beautiful message and photo and such
    a magnificent place. ❤️

  5. Shekhar says:

    Thank you for the thought provoking visual and narration. Perhaps the slow was better.. We seem to be missing out on life with its fast speed. There were huge benefits of friendships and lifelong bonds as a result of the right paced life…