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Rural PlayStation!

Cartwheeling headlong into a river with gay abandon wearing full-length pants, is more than a sign of freedom from social expectations. It is the virus of spontaneity, one that seems to infect rural children, turning them into dynamos of pulsating energy and unmotivated delight. It is such a joy for us to watch these acrobatic displays by village children on the river Cauvery, unpretentious yet so captivating for its impressive skills and sense of gaiety.

These simple pleasures of childhood and youth are becoming rare. More so in our cities where they are giving way to a world of Playstations and simulated experiences for urban children.

Entertaining and enthralling as these toys are, can they compare to the immersive experience of a headlong river dive in real time? May the appeal of the virtual world not rob our children of the splendors of nature and the rewards of the simple life!

Local Heroes is our ongoing journey to bring to you captivating stories about our land and its people; a symbiosis that we explore and celebrate through expressive and uplifting video and photo essays every month. We believe this Responsible Tourism Initiative will cause you to see 'evolution' in a new light.

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  1. Warun c k says:

    Nice initiative..

  2. Sheetal Mehta says:

    Reminds us of the simple and carefree life, we leave behind. Your beautiful articles revive all the wonderful things which we need to be aware of.

  3. Dinesh says:

    Excellent photo

  4. Sunil Rajkotia says:


  5. Malini Stalam says:

    Excellent picture but would not promote this purely because the risk for head on injury if water is shallow and river or lake bed will not have soft sand.
    I would not allow my children to do this even if they were spring board divers.

  6. Gopal Agarwal says:

    Superb Approach

    Your efforts are praiseworthy
    It gives me immense pleasure being in touch with Orange County

  7. Bespoke India Holidays says:

    What a Timing….Superb Snap