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A Matter Of Responsibility!

Tourism provides both new sights and insights for those beckoned by the gods of travel. It panders to the lurking nomad in all of us, beseeching us to see new places, make new friends and have new experiences. If intention and experience can coincide, then travel can open our minds and touch our hearts.

The coming of the locomotive, automobile and the jet plane over the last century has made travel long and short possible like never before. Each year witnesses the unveiling of new destinations and the promise of new experiences for the casual and committed travel bugs of the world. The shrinking of time and the birth of the global village has ensured connections along with connectivity.

However, while time and technology have made travel easy, the planet that is home to us humans has had to pay a price for all this human movement. Tourism is now being recognized as a major contributor to planetary defilement. Pollution, waste and the disruption of local societies and economies are some of its natural byproducts (unfortunately), along with pleasure, inspiration, enrichment and discovery.

This realization led to the formulation of the covenant for responsible tourism in 2002. It was a sign of the times and was born in response to a growing need for environmental care and human welfare in combined harmony.

The concept of responsible tourism comes naturally to Evolve Back Resorts. It is, after all, an extension of the vision and philosophy of the House of Ramapuram whose values are broad, contemporary and inclusive. The family, whose fortunes began with plantations almost a century ago, has never seen land or the people who work them as a means to an end. This spirit of responsible stewardship guides the managerial practices of the hospitality sector, which is now a growing arm of the family’s commercial expansions. The principal tenets of responsible tourism can be seen and experienced in the day to day life and running of our two resorts at Kabini and Coorg, both of which endeavor to offer more than just luxurious holidays. They aspire to offer experiences that enrich and enlighten our guests – experiences that tell of the fragility of eco systems of which we are all a part and the measures that can be taken consciously to soften our footprints upon a beleaguered environment.

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