Of Clouds and Waterfalls

Published on: 12/09/2017

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Photograph: Prathap DK

Waterfalls – Evolve Back, Coorg


Coorg’s best-kept secret for a long time is the charming place called Mandalpatti. Mandalpatti also called as Mugilpete which translates to the Market of Clouds. It’s roughly about 20 km from Madikeri, and you can plan to cover it after Abbey falls as they are on the same route.


Only a 4×4 (4-wheel drive) vehicle takes you to the peak of this mountain. Though there are daredevil bikers who do climb the impossible roads on their bikes, but it’s not recommended. It’s a rough and scary terrain that’s better be driven by an experienced (local) driver who has the know-how of this place. Another option is to trek around 5 km from a base point which can be exhilarating and enchanting.


The winds at the peak of the mountain can literally make one feel vulnerable to the sheer force of the Mother Nature. With rains lashing from all directions and the wind that harsh, you might consider heading back to the cozy room. But, under these scary conditions, when the cloud and thick fog clears off, the magic unfolds. The lush green mountain range with cloud covered tops looks like a painting.

The beauty of monsoons is that the rain clears out the fog giving a glimpse of lush green landscapes that were otherwise invisible in these weather conditions. Just a slight break in the clouds can reveal magical ridges of these mountains that will imprint a memory in your mind forever.

Don’t forget to carry an umbrella (preferably a local one that’s big) as it might very well be raining despite no rains in the town. Be careful about the winds at the peak as it is unbearable. It can easily throw you off balance.


Photograph: Prathap DK

There are plenty of viewpoints as you climb down the steep steps (around 600 steps) to the bottom of the waterfalls. The mammoth waterfalls from the bottom is surely going to give you goose bumps as the water sprinkles like a drizzling rain with the wind making it even more harsher. It’s a sight to experience and behold forever.


The rainfall in this region seems to be much higher comparatively as per the locals. If you want to enjoy the rain and the unspoiled nature of Coorg, especially during monsoons, this is the place to be.

The monsoon season is June to September. With monsoons in full swing, this is the right of the year to take time out of your hectic life schedule and enjoy a rainy holiday in the magical Coorg. You’d come back with loads of memories to share with your friends and family members for sure.

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Prathap DK

Prathap is a professional nature/travel/resort photographer and blogger from India. He is the founder of Nature Photography Simplified blog where he shares all the professional tips and techniques. His articles and photographs are best known for their simplicity and uniqueness among his readers and other professionals. He is the author of 6 photography eBooks. His FREE eBook Bird Photography – 10 Mistakes and Solutions has been instrumental in helping well over 12000 photographers from around the world. He regularly conducts online and offline photography workshops. He can be contacted at prathap@prathapphotography.com

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Of Clouds and Waterfalls


The Mesmerizing Monsoon of Coorg