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A throwback to the traditional homes found on plantations, the Lily Pool Villas, with their white-washed mud walls, high ceilings and thatched roofs, are the last word in old-world charm and elegance.

While there may be minor design differences between individual rooms, they all have the same features listed below.


With up to 2600 sqft of private space, the Lily Pool Villa comes with courtyards and a Heated Private Pool set around a tranquil and thematic lily pond. Spacious sit-outs and a romantic gazebo complete the picture. (Pool heated to max 26°C. Heating deactivated during summer months – Mar to May)

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An elegant four-poster bed with lace drapes, bright furnishings and an array of comfortable pillows creates a delightful and relaxing atmosphere.


The spacious bathroom has a large bathtub, separate twin-shower cubicle and twin washbasins. The bathroom features large windows overlooking its open-to-sky courtyard.

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Our Lily Pool Villas create a new benchmark in plantation-style luxury. Old-world charm and understated elegance are its hallmarks.