Coorg is aptly called the ‘Scotland of India’. Lush foliage, picturesque places, delicious food, wide spaces of green land and plantations and hospitable people, these are just some of the attributes of Coorg, and the reason why people enjoy going to this place time and again.

For a place like Coorg, tourism is the strongest point, and can be considered one of the sources of its economy, but apart from this, agriculture, which is responsible for the plush greenery found here, is in fact the most important source from which this place, Kodagu gets its revenue.

Agriculture, plantation and forestry are in fact the three key areas where this region is affluent. When it comes to agriculture, rice is one of the main crops largely grown here. Moreover, there is a festival called ‘Puttari’, which is celebrated during the harvesting of these rice crops. This generally takes place during November end-December beginning. Hence, rice is indeed one of the important aspects not just of their economy, but also the Kodagu culture and cuisine.

coorg plantation

A Plantation…

Apart from rice, coffee is another cash crop, largely grown in this region. As a matter of fact, Coorg is known in the country for its coffee plantations. This is usually grown on the hillsides, which are not quite suitable to grow rice. Added to this, these plantations get an instant advantage of escaping from the sun through the shade provided by the forests. It seems like Mother Nature herself was paving the way for this crop to be grown in abundance at Coorg. It was the coffee production which helped Coorg improve its economy and be listed as one of the richest districts in the country.

When we speak of agro forestry in Coorg, pepper, cardamom and vanilla is what is largely grown and found here. These spices are grown in order to provide shade to the coffee plantations. Well, this is not it. Apart from these crops which are grown in abundance here, when it comes to fruits, oranges too can be found here. The speciality of oranges from Coorg is that they are smaller in size and have this unique taste which cannot be found in the other types of orange grown around the country.

Apart from this, honey too is largely produced here. Coorg honey is popular in South India, known for its freshness and taste. Teak, rubber and cocoa are also other crops that one can find here.



As mentioned earlier, the economy of Coorg is to an extent dependent on agriculture. The climate is apt for the growing of such crops, which also adds on to the the list of reasons as to why Coorg is the ‘Scotland of India’.