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Vijayanagara Courtly Style

Vikram Nanjappa

Reams of paper have been consumed describing the wonders of the Vijayanagara Empire, based out of their capital city of Hampi. A steady stream of visitors since the 15th Century have waxed eloquently on what was once described as the ‘the best provided city in the world’. Two hundred years of immense wealth and power…

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The Lambanis

Vikram Nanjappa

The Hampi region is not only home to a large number of communities that have historical ties to it but has also attracted a lot of people over the years who migrated here in search of livelihoods. One such community are the Lambanis. The Lambanis are a nomadic tribe and are believed to have migrated…

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Horsepower in Hampi

Vikram Nanjappa

Horsepower was the engine that fueled Hampi’s growth and ensured its security. In those days of constant warfare, power flowed from the back of a horse. Cavalry was then the cutting edge of the military arm and a large cavalry ensured a great advantage in warfare. It therefore should come as no surprise that the…

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Gods Hampi

Gods of Hampi!

Neeta Shankar

Five centuries back Vijayanagar kingdom and the Gods of Hampi. Materialistic wealth was perhaps arguably the highest in the world. Now all is lost. What remains is in ruins but the architectural beauty and their greatness in embracing ‘one God many manifestations ‘ philosophy lingers on in the idols of the Gods of Hampi still standing tall,…

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myriad feelings hampi

Hampi – the name itself brings out myriad feelings in one depending on whether one is a person interested in Mythology, Geology, Art, History, Social History, Irrigation Engineering, Archaeology or just an ordinary person enamored with Nature. So it is no surprise that UNESCO chose it to be a World Heritage center. Hampi acts like…

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