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Pulihora –  a common rice preparation characterized by the use of tamarind as the main ingredient






Rice  – 250 grams 
Salt – 5 grams
Oil –  50 grams

For the Pulihora Masala
Onions – 100 gms
Tomato – 100 gms
Tamarind – 120 gms
Oil – 100 ml
Channa dal – 50 gms
Seasame – 40 gms
Coconut – 80 gms
Mustard – 20 gms
Peanut – 60 gms
Red chilli whole – 20gms
Red chili pwd – 40 gms
Corionder whole – 20gms
Coriander pwd – 40gms
Curry leaves – 40 gms
Salt – 60 gms
Jaggery – 60 gms
Mustard seeds – 20 gms



1. Boil the rice and keep aside

For the Pulihora Masala
1.Heat oil and add mustard let it crackle
2.Add cumin, chana dal, sesame seeds, roast peanuts, whole red chilli and mix well 3.Add chopped onions and tomato and cook
4.Add all the powdered spices and mix well
5.Add tamarind pulp and reduce till oil floats separate
6.Add salt and jaggery
7.Toss this into the cooked rice and mix