It was raining that morning. I was guiding 16 guests on the safari. As soon as we entered the forest, the rain stopped. I could then sense the strong stench of a carcasss. Hence I anticipated some predator movement near us. There are some spots where we obtained some fabulous sightings this season.Hence this little anticipation got me heading in that direction. We had sighted a herd of Gaur on the vehicle track. We were trying to go closer to these beautiful animals. However, suddenly, we also saw four Spotted Deer inside the bushes. We then stopped the vehicle. Then the deer neither moved from the place nor gave any alarm calls. Suddenly, our driver shouted, “Tiger, Tiger”. And lo, a majestic female Tiger lay resting inside the bushes.

The Tiger was relaxing and cleaning its paw. I told my guests that she looked like she had not eaten anything and may hence go hunting. We don’t want to move from here as we may get to see some action here.

The Tiger suddenly got up and looked at the herd.

Tiger, Kabini

Mr. Growl on the Prowl…

She then tried to hide within the bushes. At the same time, the Gaur herd also came close to the tiger. The herd had five calves. Among them, one calf was trying to come onto the slope for feeding on the fresh grass. The tiger was watching the calf’s movement and turned to stalk it.

The mother Gaur could sense some threat to the herd. And at that moment, the tiger was very close to the gaur calf. Then another Gaur came close, and together, they chased the Tiger. Then the Tiger roared four to five times and disappeared into the bushes.

Gaur at Kabini