This was my first safari by boat following the monsoons. The Kabini Lake has filled up very fast this year compared to the previous years. I had a group of enthusiastic guests accompanying me, who wanted to enjoy nature at its best.
As it started raining during the early hours of the safari, every one was a bit disappointed as this could affect sightings. But Mother Nature had her surprise in store for us. A large tusker was grazing on the banks partially covered by bamboo thickets.

The distance from the boat to the elephant was over two Kilometres. We stopped the boat and helped everyone spot the mighty tusker before the latter vanished into the thickets prior to our arrival on the spot.

Initially, the elephant played some hide and seek with us, however later, we made good sightings. We continued our safari looking for more wildlife. On our way, we also spotted a herd of Chital, a couple of Sambar and a group of five Wild Boars. As we reached close to the end point where safaris are permitted, we sighted two more tuskers.

Without a second thought, we took the boat closer to make a better sighting of the giants. As we approached it, we noticed two crocodiles resting on the banks not too far away from the elephant – a rare experience for all of us. One crocodile was huge. This was a courting couple, and the smaller crocodile’s snout was touching the other’s tail.

Crocodile at Kabini

A Little Crocodile Romance!

We were very lucky to witness this amazing behaviour of the reptiles. But as I was watching the scene expectantly, the inevitable happened: the elephant came closer to the crocodile as it was grazing and chased the crocodile away into the water.

Crocodile and elephant at Kabini

The ‘Mighty’ Encounter!

All the guests were delighted with these great sightings even though the entire bank was submerged in water.