Kabini – heaven as far as birdwatchers go; a single boat ride on its backwaters can help sight more than 60 species of birds. And the winter is the best time for sighting them.

For the Naturalists of Kabini, this is a busy time; being engrossed in welcoming visitors from all around the world.

Needless to say, these backwaters are a comfortable place as far as most birds go; optimal temperature, unpolluted waters, fresh air and ample supply of food makes the Kabini backwaters a paradise for these winter migrants.

Avian species that come visiting are the Green Shank, Painted Stork, Bar-headed Goose, Osprey, Cormorants…the list of birds that ‘drop in’ seems to go on and on!

Among these migrants is the Osprey, travelling all the way from Scotland!

An Osprey at Kabini


The Osprey is an attractive bird with a white head and marked black eye stripe that runs down the side of its face. The species is also called the Sea Hawk or Fish Hawk on account of its remarkable fishing prowess. The Osprey feeds on fish that make up roughly 99 per cent of its diet!

You normally spot Ospreys perched on dead tree trunks half submerged in the waters. They are on the lookout in order to satiate their palettes  ensconced  on tall trees here.

An Osprey at Kabini

The Predator on a Tree Stump, Kabini

An astounding Osprey fact – Ospreys dive 30 feet, sometimes up to 100 feet for their ‘water borne’ delicacies! Do you know this Osprey fact? 🙂

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