The winter vacation has begun for our avian guests. The first few arrivals are already putting up a spectacular show for us on each of our safaris.

The Ospreys that breed in the Himalayas during summer are back for their winter vacation at Kabini. They look down upon us from their high perches in the water bodies. Often we spot them take off like the one below, and catch fish during the boat safaris.

Vikram Nanjappa)

Osprey (Photo by – Vikram Nanjappa)

The Peregrine Falcon is a bird that is a rare treat during our boat safari. This bird of prey flies all the way from the foothills of the Himalayas to spend its winter in a more hospitable climate. This expert hunter was seen with a parakeet kill on this branch. The tail of the Parakeet is seen sticking underneath the branch.

Vikram Nanjappa)

Peregrine Falcon (Photo by – Vikram Nanjappa)

The first few Brown Shrikes have completed their journeys from as far across as Siberia and Russia to spend their winters here. They enjoy the temperate conditions here and are sometimes seen hopping around in the bushes in search of insects.

Vikram Nanjappa)

Brown Shrike (Photo by – Vikram Nanjappa)