It is now that time of the year, when almost an hour of magical light between 5 & 6 pm prevails, here in Kabini. This evening, I decided to chase the light, explore the area & find something to reflect the light back into my camera, and luck was on my side!

The magic of this light can be comprehended, only when you see these photographs that were shot only an hour earlier.

When we begin a boat safari, we are usually driving into the evening sun, and all the sightings are back lit. This does not make for great photography. If one is lucky, you can get some tall bamboos to block the light, as in the case of the tusker above. Otherwise you will end up with photographs like this.

The secret is, to get to certain spots at the correct time. The Mastigudi Watchtower is one such spot. Another great place is on the Bandipur side, near Kakankote, where the river takes a turn to the left. This serves as a natural arrangement that puts the sun behind you. By the time you reach this place the timing is usually perfect. If you cannot reach this spot in time, it is better to turn the boat around, and wait near Sunset Point itself.

After all, you only need something to reflect that light into your camera and that is why I call it ‘chasing the light’, as you are always running around, with one eye on the light and one eye on the bank, looking for any elusive sight!

Almost anything will do, the point is to capture the light!!