During one of my recent drives into the Nagarhole National Park, I was lucky enough to spot a herd of 7 elephants close to a man made waterhole. Two of them were cooling themselves, one of which was a male calf probably around 2 to 3 years old. The rest of the herd members were standing behind the bushes, taking a break as it was a warm day. Initially, they didn’t realize our presence as they were busy playing in the water.

elephant at Kabini

Time for a Bath!

A few minutes later, the calf noticed our presence, got nervous and ran out of the water towards the herd. The female elephant along with the calf also came out at this time in the direction of our vehicle, but stopped a couple of metres from the vehicle with her trunk raised high, as a warning sign.

Kabini, elephant

Watch Out!

Later, she became calm and joined the herd, and we didn’t move our vehicle with the engine switched off. My guests were really thrilled to witness the different behaviors exhibited by the herd of elephants.