During our boat safari last evening, one of the guests asked, “What you are going to show us?” I smiled and replied, “Sir, it depends on Mother Nature, and what she will offer today!”.After 15minutes we entered the park area, from where you can see two national parks, Bandipur and Nagarhole. We saw a boat at a distance, and the people were looking at something. I told Shivraj, our boat driver, to maneuver the boat in their direction.

When we reached, we saw nothing. Shivraj asked the other boat driver, what they were looking at. He said, a Tiger had just gone into the bamboo bushes. My guests had lots of expectations but, we had hard luck and we just missed the Tiger. They didn’t say anything to me but I knew they were disappointed. Again, I smiled and told them, it’s a game of patience and seeing a big cat, is a matter of chance.

Well, we all know that Nature never disappoints her children. As we continued, we saw lots of elephants, deer, wild boars and two crocodiles. But no big cat!

I told Shivraj, to take us towards the Bandipur National Park. While scanning the banks of the river, Shivraj suddenly spotted a male Leopard, sitting on a rock. My guests were truly excited.

We went closer to the bank and watched the Leopard for almost 15minutes.We didn’t want to leave, but it was getting dark and we were left with no choice. But the Leopard didn’t seem to budge and was least bit concerned, by the fact that we were feasting on his royal manifestation. At the end of the safari, I asked my guests, if they were happy and whether I was right with what I had said at the beginning of the safari. They smiled and said they loved the experience and Mother Nature did not disappoint them.

For the first time, I felt that the Leopard is the Prince of the jungle. Also, yesterday’s sighting corrected me of the wrong notion we always had ‘Leopards are very shy’