Right from the beginning, I knew this was going to be a safari with a difference. I also knew exactly what I was going to see.
Venkat informed us that he had seen a stillborn elephant calf by the backwaters and that the herd was still around. I undertook this safari to photograph the scene, knowing well that the herd was not going to abandon the body anytime soon. Sure enough, they were there.

A lot of people may find my response ghoulish, but this is life and it was definitely something that I wanted to witness. As far as emotions go, it was one of the most defining wildlife moments of my life.

Anyway I did not lurk for too long. My vigil was interrupted by an elephant, calling from the Bandipur side; interestingly it turned out to be a tusker in musth. This moment made me realize the true irony of life! While one mourns the end of something, another seeks opportunity to begin something.

After that I decided to visit both the Mastigudi watchtower and the Bandipur side opposite Kakankote and as usual I was not disappointed with the light nor the sightings.

It was indeed a safari with a difference. It began with the emotional sentiments attached to a still born elephant calf, and ended with beautiful sightings of wildlife. This is truly the Irony of life.