This is what a matriarch elephant would trumpet if you ever got too close to her family.The jungle opera was in full swing early in the morning, with a symphony of bird calls coming in from all directions. The musicians were the Crested Hawk Eagles, Common Hawk Cuckoos, Grey Jungle fowls, Malabar and Plum-headed Parakeets, and Jungle Babblers. As we made our way through this jungle orchestra, we literally drove into a herd of ten elephants, which also included four little calves.

Asian-Elephant-herd, Kabini

The Jingbang!

The herd was lounging lazily on the forest path, with the matriarch bringing up the rear end. As her family merrily grazed on the lush green, the matriarch kept a careful eye on us, warning us with flaring ears and short grunts every now and then. Finally, when she decided that the jeep was too close for comfort, she came charging at us, trumpeting at a deafening decibel.

Asian-Elephant-female, Kabini

The Warning!

As we backed off, we realized that this was her final warning, and hence decided to divert from that path and leave the elephants to graze in peace.