Some things are meant to take your breath away!

Asian-Elephant, Kabini

Elephants Crossing the Kabini…

While meandering through the backwaters of Kabini, we saw the silhouette of an elephant which had come to the banks of Bandipur. As we slowly approached it, the elephant retreated to the safety of the bamboo thickets.

On closer observation, we realized that the elephant was accompanied by her baby. The female kept on looking towards us over her shoulder and was noticeably reluctant to come towards the water. Realizing that she was not comfortable with us around, I decided to move on with the safari.

Asian Elephant at Kabini

A Mother with Her Calf…

After a long turn around, we saw the elephant in the water from the other bank. She was actually accompanied by two calves. The three giants slowly made their way across the river and stepped out on the Nagarhole side of the river.

None of us in the boat spoke a single word through the twenty minutes that took the elephants to cross the river. And after the whole event, everyone had just one expression on their face, ‘WOW!’