It was tea time and as I was just about to have a sip of my favourite ginger tea; Gopal, the pool boy ran towards me shouting “Sir, please come fast. There is a big green snake on the hunt”. I rushed to the spot, tagging my camera along hoping to get a fair shot of the snake. I ran to the big Ficus tree near our main swimming pool, overlooking the Kabini River, where I was about to witness one of nature’s marvelous spectacle.

Right under this tree that stands tall, at the edge of the grassland, which slopes down to the River, was a big Vine Snake stealthily sneaking behind a full grown garden Lizard. As I focused my camera on the subject, I noticed that the Lizard was actually too big for the Snake to grab. But in a second, the Snake caught one of the hind legs of the Lizard and I could see the Lizard slowly getting paralyzed.

I positioned myself at a comfortable zone from the Snake; however, it picked up the half-dead Lizard and started moving towards the tree, vigilantly holding its head high. Also, since the evening sun was quite harsh, the Snake decided not to have a hot meal!

Employing its tail to get a grip, the Snake hauled the Lizard’s body up the tree. But since there wasn’t a thin branch to aid, the attempt to climb subsequently failed. All this while, my camera was still rolling.

In anticipation of more drama, I placed two logs for support and a mopstick in between them next to the tree. To my joy, the Snake somehow got hold of the log by its tail and dragged its prey up the log. Then midway, it started swallowing the prey and I could see blood dropping from the Lizard’s mouth.

The Snake raised its head, squeezing itself between the mopstick and the branch. I could at last see the dead Lizard gliding into its stomach gently and only then did my camera shutter came to a stop.