A little luck is what we need to have special sightings, and I had one as I took a group of guests on one of the morning safaris recently. The mornings are misty these days, and when the sun hits the jungle, it runs its rays through it. I was encouraging my guests telling them that this National Park had a lot to offer, and we could have a surprise. And then, as the time passed, the mist was clearing and we were stopped by a sudden alarm raised by a Langur, and then followed by a herd of Chital.

We waited for quite some time at that spot, and we were called by another naturalist from another vehicle, who asked me to approach slowly. I was telling my guests that something must have been spotted.  As I took the vehicle in that direction, I saw a Leopard lying on a tree in the teak woods.

Leopard at Kabini


This Leopard had just climbed this perch, and was displaying his presence with this unique sawing call, and he was looking down and at the sides once in a while. There probably was another female Leopard in the woods. The sun was also passing through the woods, and gently spreading his grace on this beautiful cat. All my guests were very delighted to have these special moments.

Leopard in Kabini

The Treetop Lounge?