We at Kabini are not just committed to promote nature and wildlife, but also devoted to protect and conserve the wildlife around us. Hence when an opportunity arises, we try our level best to lend a helping hand to an animal in need. Two such opportunities came our way this past week.

Puran, one of the Naturalists, spotted a bird struggling in the water one morning while returning from a boat safari. He immediately picked it up and brought it to the resort. As it was completely drenched, it was difficult for me to figure out what species of bird it was. I kept it out in the sun to dry and kept a watchful eye on the crows so that they didn’t pester it.

After a few minutes, the bird got active and began hopping around. To my astonishment, it turned out to be Yellow-legged Buttonquail, a fairly common yet rarely spotted bird in peninsular India. Pretty soon, the bird was taking longer flights and soon decided to fly away into the grassland next to the resort.

Yellow-legged-Buttonquail, Kabini

Yellow Legged Buttonquail

The very next day, we got a call from the restaurant that a Kingfisher had hit the glass and collapsed. Narendran, our senior Naturalist, went to check the bird and was amazed to find an Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, again a not-so-common bird found in the Western Ghats and parts of Northeast India.

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, Kabini

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

Although little is known about the bird’s migration pattern, it is believed that the bird spends the winters in Sri Lanka and comes to the Ghats to nest during the monsoon. Narendran picked up the bird and kept it in a box so that the bird felt safe. After giving it some water to drink, the tiny bird was hopping around. Finally when we released it, the Kingfisher darted away like a bullet to get away from us.